Mad Men "Long Weekend" 09/27/2007

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    Wow, talk about packing a lot into the hour.
    We got to see:
    • Don's simmering anger come to the surface after he was told about the Dr Scholl's account
    • Roger pushing himself too far (saw that one coming)
    • Joanie's "stalker roommate"
    • Don and Rachael sharing both a moment and some history

    I found it interesting that we learned so much more about Don, the anger issue was something I certainly assumed was there, but the "outing" of his past to Rachael was a big step for him emotionally.

    While I appreciated where they went with Joanie's roommate, it felt gratuitous that they also had to have Roger express his desire for the 2 sisters to get together. One lesbian reference was certainly workable, but to have 2 in the same episode out of the blue was a bit shallow in my mind.

    I'm glad to see Peggy confront Pete, he needed it, but I'm not sure he understands what it was all about, and Peggy certainly is heading down the path a couple of us noticed.

    If there are only 3 more episodes left (I'm assuming a 13 episode run) we're going to have a lot going on the next 3 weeks.. talk about "Must see TV" :cool:

    For me this really has been the breakout new show I feel passionate about.

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    Feb 8, 2002
    Good episode (any Mad Men is good Mad Men), but not a great one for me. It felt a bit soap opera-ish to me. Lots of good stuff even so. Joanie's reaction to her roommate was well scripted -- as if to say, "Oh, you're just confused. Let's get some men tonight and you'll get back on track and stop this nonsense." It must have hurt the roommate a lot when she went to the bedroom with the man right in front of her. What I couldn't understand was Joanie's outfit and hair for going out. It was almost as if she turned into a different person. ("I'm so done with 1960".) It seemed so different from what we normally see. This was the first time we've seen her in a non-work setting, though.

    The Jewish department store lady disappointed me. I figured she'd have the character to deny Don's womanizing since she sees him for what he is.

    I had to chuckle at the paramedics' reaction to Roger's heart attack -- just wheel him out, no big hurry. I wanted them to show the old style station wagon ambulance, but they didn't.

    Peggy's certainly chubbing out. How long before she goes away to "visit her aunt"? She doesn't act like anything's particularly wrong in her life, though, other than Pete annoying her.

    Note to show fans: Don't watch the extended previews at AMC's website. Most of the plot points were spoiled for me last night. :mad: :thumbsdown:

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