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    For example, this afternoon on MeTV, Night Gallery (the Rod Serling horror series from 1971-1973) has a NEW, never before aired episode! Season 3 Episode 25 Flying Sepulcher of Death. First aired 5/23/20! Rod Serling must have some awesome ghost writers! (pun intended!)
    Night Gallery | TV Guide

    This is actually one of the recut Sixth Sense episodes for Night Gallery syndication back in the 70s
    The Sixth Sense (TV series) - Wikipedia (see episode 1 description)
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    Be careful: Some weirdos here take umbrage at posting Rivo listing errors.

    As for me: LOL!
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    Guide is full of things like that.
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    Happens all the time with older series. Which is what I mostly record. Kinda messes up the folder when trying to get all episodes of a series, some will seem to be missing but will be there out of order with wrong info/date/episode # etc. I have all the Night Gallery episodes by the way. And original Twilight Zone. I may have all of the Twilight Zone remake but the guide is REALLY messed up for that one, hard to tell. Sometimes have to go to episode guide dot com or something like that, print out the episodes and check off what you have.

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