Losted all programs from pyTivoX folders

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    Hello all
    I did post this in (Tivo Coffee House) but I thing that was the wrong forum.

    I accidentally deleted the pyTivoX icon from my mac desktop screen by hitting the Quite icon didn't now how to get it back so I uninstalled and reinstalled pyTivox and it's back at the top of the screen but when I look at the folders on the TV the blue folders are there but they are all empty. I created a test folder within pyTivoX and placed a movie in it clicked apply I then went to the TV and the new blue folder is there but it's empty like the others.
    All of the folders and there contence are on my iMac.
    The other strange thing is when I click the apply button in pyTivoX and go back to the TV the folders are there - empty - but after about 15 seconds all of the blue folders start disappearing from the screen upwards and the only ones left are the trash can and saved movies to Tivo HD. The only way to get the blue folders back is to go back to the computer click the green apply button in pyTivox and there back on the Tivo unit again - but only for 15 second.

    If you can help - thanks in advance.

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