Lost - "The End" 5/23 series finale (spoilers)

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    Ditto. My wife and I rewatched the entire series with our son a couple years ago. We both enjoyed it just as much the second time around. It's amazing how well the show holds up even when you already know the answers to many of the mysteries. In my opinion, Lost remains one of the best series in the history of television. It wasn't perfect, but it excelled in so many ways.
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    Last year, I re-watched with my kids...crazy binge watching....6 seasons in a few months! :eek:

    I have to say that I really enjoyed seeing it again. Loved seeing my boy's excitement as to what was happening in a show, and the "can we watch another episode tonight" that always followed. I wasn't disappointed in the ending as many were....it really ended up in the only logical place it could considering where the writers took the show, and I was satisfied with the finale.

    Totally agree....seeing it a second time all the way through, especially in binge mode, made a lot of things come together. I was good with the ending the first time, but agree that it is a bit more satisfying after a rewatch where all of the early seasons are still fresh in mind.

    That being said, I could see during our binge watching that the story took a bunch of crazy jumps after the 3rd, 4th and 5th seasons which in retrospect had no bearing on the beginning or the end. I really think that the original concept was thought up with a 2-3 year season ending but when it got so popular, like so many other franchises (i.e. Marvel), Hollywood milked it for all it was worth. I know Lindelof and Cuse have said that they had already developed the story ideas for first season and knew what the ending scene was going to be....neither which involved two dueling brothers, time travel, etc. The rest was developed before each season, many of the twists and rabbit holes only to get lots of "wow" talking points for the Lost viral chatter and not to further the storyline or ever have an explainable conclusion. I picture writers sitting in a room trying to figure out what else they could add to the story to maximize the Thursday morning "Lost talk" and stretch it out as long as possible....."why don't we now make them travel through time....that will surprise everyone, confuse people and lets us write off so many unexplainable things" ....."oh, and we can add two brothers who represent good and evil....white shirt and black shirt, no one will expect that". I know there was a Hollywood writer's strike in between somewhere, which also affected some of the writing of many shows, making them shift gears.

    Funny thing is that for me, the first few seasons were the best, and the final scene fit those seasons....they should have just wrapped up with that, without the donkey wheel and island jumping through time, or white shirt/black shirt brothers, etc.....it was still a fantastic story without the extra stuff that was made to stretch out the inevitable ending.

    I think it was an amazing show regardless, well written overall, well produced, and the journey to get to the end was well worth all the time invested in watching (and re-watching). Even though I loved the show, I do agree with others that have said that had it had been more planned at the onset, with a beginning, middle and end, that all flowed together evenly, more people may have been able to accept the finale ending scene as a logical and good ending.
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    Actually I liked the time travel parts a lot. They handled it well and if I'm remembering correctly--I haven't watched for years--it all added up and made sense (not always the case with time travel ;))

    Now that we're getting close to the end of GoT and we're guessing at the ending-- it so hard to come up with a really awesome ending to shows like this. I hope GoT will do better--I think it will because we know that it was all figured out in advance in this case.....
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    Danger! Danger Will Robinson! Thread Police!
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    LOST is leaving Netflix in 3 weeks according to multiple threads on reddit. :(

    LOST • r/lost
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    I'm glad I have the DVD set, but I was watching on Netflix because of better resolution.
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    Is it going to be streaming anywhere?
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    It will probably eventually land on the OTT service Disney is developing, but I don't think that service will be available until 2019. It's possible Hulu will pick it up in the interim - they seem to be taking the lead in library content that Netflix has held for so long.

    It's also possible Netflix is in the process of re-negotiating the streaming rights and that it won't actually leave the service.
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    It's funny that Hulu also had issues with the finale and are in the process of getting the "full" version.

    Also, from the LOST subreddit: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

    (does XenForo not support embedding imgur links?)
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    I was sad about losing LOST from Netflix because as said, it was easier to just click it on there then pull out a dvd. When I heard it was being dropped I started binge watching for a few days. I had forgotten how great a show it was.
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    I didn't do the binge watch and I also have the DVDs, but like you, it was easier (and better resolution) to watch on Netflix. I don't have Hulu so it's back to the DVDs when I feel like watching. I think my rewatch I started a few months ago got me to S3
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    You have to link directly to the image (typically it'll have a JPG or GIF extension). Here's your image:
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    Now that LOST is on Hulu I can just click it instead of pulling out a DVD :)
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    I bought the the BD's of Lost while it was on the air. I kind of regret that now. I've barely touched them since.
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    This, but with a slight modification:

    I bought the BD's of Lost while it was on the air lots of DVDs and BDs over the years. I kind of regret that now. I've barely touched them since.
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    True 'nuff.
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    Has it been eight? Then we must celebrate!

    Eight years ago tonight, LOST aired its finale. No show of the modern TV era had more impact. One still sees taglines like "From the producers of Lost" used to promote new shows. Or a scene in Westworld just last week that had people comparing it to the opening scene of S2E1 (Man of Science, Man of Faith). Love it or hate it, it changed the way many of us watched TV.

    Happy Anniversary Lost. See you next year!
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    And in a weird cosmic alignment, on the same day as the 8th anniversary of the finale airing, Survivor Ghost Island has its finale..... :D
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    Is Survivor purgatory?
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