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    Bam you hit the nail on the head on why Ben did not kill Widmore. BTW: with this many posts I definity smeeked this,lol
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    But my point is that I don't think there was a don't kill relatives rule. I think that for reasons that for the moment are unknown to us, Ben has a preconceived idea of the rules of the world/island. Under his understanding of those rules, Alex could not possibly die at that moment. I think Ben's amazed statement that "he changed the rules" could either mean that Widmore intentionally tried and succeeded at overcoming something that neither of them would have thought possible, or that Widmore's man, unbeknownst to Widmore, did something that shouldn't have been possible, thereby changing the rules (at least so far as they were previously understood by Ben). I will admit that my speculation is influenced by the theory that I posted to earlier involving time loops.
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    It wasn't Charles that killed Ben's daughter, it was someone who worked for him. A hired killer.

    Maybe Charles can't kill his family directly, but he can indirectly by having someone else kill for him.

    And that would be why Ben is using Sayid to kill people, and why he isn't just doing it himself!

    (good luck getting Sayid to kill Penny!)
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    Along those lines, perhaps the Island/Jacob/Smokey only judge on physical deeds and not outsourced deeds. Did Ben want Locke to kill "The Man From Tallahassee" (I forget his real name - Cooper?). Was Ben trying to do Locke in with this task? If so, Locke's outsourcing to Sawyer kept him the good graces of the aforementioned mystical powers that be.
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    And possibly to Jack in the future, who may have been saved from killing himself in the S3 finale by that car crash... Of course, by this line of reasoning it could also apply to Sawyer, who miraculously evaded machine gun fire by hiding behind a wooden picnic table and playground set, and to Claire, who survived her cottage being blown up by a missile! Funny how that works...
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    Definitely the effects go up high enough to impact the helicopter. However, there's no way to know whether the effects are a dome over the island, or just in a circle around it. If the latter, then nothing dropped from the plane would be subject to the island effect.
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    I got the impression that Ben knew Alex wouldn't die because he'd seen her in the future. When he said 'He changed the rules.' I thought he was referring to that -- The rule is that if you see someone in the future, you can't kill them in the past because that would be changing the course of history.

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