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    I have been a TiVo user for years. Even helped Beta Test some software and got a little radio for helping.
    A few years ago I changed to an HD model. Please note I did not say upgrade.
    The original unit bareley made it through warranty. 5 months ago I had to replace it, back in January. I encountered heavy flack to go to the premiere, throwing away my investment of lifetime (3rd lifetime unit, one a gift)
    Now that replacement has died. Well since it so soon a replacement I have to pay $350.00 for a repaired unit. Just to get another taped together unit like the one I am now replacing.
    My first TiVo lasted through fans dying from dust build up. Now it’s just because. I paid several hundred for a battery backup surge protection for the coverage to my TV equipment and TiVo is now putting out no deposit, no return equipment. Once again, Hey upgrade to premiere, only $$$$$$$.
    SO now I am trying to decide if my original lifetime agreement and this trashed unit are worth the bucks to salvage and I’ll just get a DVR from my provider. Why throw good money after bad.
    Anyone else?
  2. ggieseke

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    Almost all failures are caused by the hard drive or the power supply. You can replace either one yourself a LOT cheaper than that and it won't affect the lifetime subscription status at all.
  3. jcthorne

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    Jan 28, 2002
    Please be more specific about what is wrong with your Premiere. Very hard to tell what it is you are faced with from your message.
  4. atmuscarella

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    This may make perfect sense to you but is very hard to follow. I actually have no idea what has happened, no idea what TiVo model you are talking about, no idea what is wrong with the unit, and no idea what TiVo has offered to do about it.

    I this is anything but a rant and you are actually looking for help, I would recommend you provide some details and stick to the facts. If you just feel like ranting, no action need.

    Good Luck,

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