Looking to Buy a Series 3, but have questions

Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by Grax, Nov 26, 2007.

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    I current own a HDR212 which I upgraded the hard drive on and added a network card. Unit works great; I'm thinking of adding a Series 3 but have a few questions first:

    With the HDR212 I can download recorded programs to my computer and rip the commercials, if I wish, and burn to a DVD. I see the series 3 has a network card already integrated; what kind of functionality is there like this in the series 3? Possibly TivoToGo? What kinda of limitations are there on TivoToGo?

    Right now after download the program to my computer I end up with an MPG file, which I can burn to a DVD. What does TivoToGo give me?

    With the upgraded series 1 I can go to the integrated website and do a lot of functions remotely. Does the series 3 have anything like this or can it be added?

    Seems like MFSLive.org has made the process of upgrading the HD much easier than when I upgraded my series 1. This the best utility to upgrade a hard drive?

    I see the Series 3 has the ability for Multi Room Viewing, will this feature work with my series 1? I'm guessing not, but nothing I've ready has made it totally clear.
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    You can transfer shows off a S3 using TiVoToGo, but only ones that aren't copy protected. Depending on your cable company and location, the range of copy protected programs can range from none to all to anywhere in between. The "norm" seems to be that premium channels are protected, but everything else isn't. YMMV though.

    Transferred programs are encrypted MPEG formatted files in .TIVO format. There are programs that can open these, remove the commercials and burn them to DVD. The cheapest, fastest and easiest to use is probably VideoRedo.

    There is an integrated web page in the S3, but there isn't a way to control the S3 from that web page.

    I'd say, in order of ease of upgrading, is plugging in an eSATA drive and then using the mfslive.org winmfs tool.

    The S3 cannot MRV with a S1 since technically the S1 doesn't officially support MRV.
  3. ewilts

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    Good guess. The simple answer is that the Series 1 can't because it has never had a supported networking solution beyond a telephone modem connection.


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