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    Dec 24, 2007


    Ummm, why don't you actually read what he wanted to know, which was what his options are both SD and HD.

    My quote was simply that the DirecTivo's haven't been made in about 5 years and some are old enough that DirecTV won't activate them anymore (thus be careful getting on on eBay) because DirecTV won't activate any non-IRD receiver (which some of the older DirecTivo's are).

    This is Tivo bashing how?

    Then I proceed to let him know something that he didn't know that the HR10-250 cannot get any HD from DirecTV but OTA only. Again, true and not bashing at all and in fact looks like I saved him some pain because he didn't know this.

    I then also suggested that DirecTV may not be right for him, especially going into a 2 yr commitment on the hope that a yet unreleased box actually gets released in a certain timeframe which nobody has any solid information on yet.

    Again, no bashing, just the facts.

    So I steered the guy away from DirecTV and said, and I quote:
    So how you take this as "Tivo bashing" and as a DirecTV fanboy I'll never know. Sounds to me that it's *you* that can't accept the reality of the situation to properly give people advice.

    My advice is this (and please read carefully, I will try to use small words for you):
    If Tivo is your top priority and you also need HD as well then DirecTV, right now, may not be the best choice for you as you have no options. If you have DirecTV already and can hold out until there are some finalized dates on release of the new HD unit then by all means. But I would advise anyone thinking of moving to DirecTV to think about it long and hard because I know I personally would never sign up for DirecTV *hoping* that some new box nobody has seen and has no firm release date will come out, again assuming Tivo was my top priority. I'd push someone toward getting a Tivo HD or Premier and cable/FIOS if that was an option for them. Again, assuming a real Tivo is the top thing they are after.

    Now if SD is all you care for or need then my advice is simple...if you feel comfortable with older hardware then an SD DirecTivo is a fine device and still works great for SD channels from DirecTV. Only thing you really miss is VOD and interactive stuff and if you don't care about those things then rock it with a DirecTivo. Just be careful where you buy and check on things like how old is the hard drive, power supply and so forth. Last thing you want to do is buy one only to have it fail on you soon after. So check with Weeknees (if they still sell them) before hitting up eBay. And make sure to get an RID unit.

    So, is that all clear enough for you? I hope I didn't burst your bubble by not "bashing" Tivo, which I wasn't doing before either. Truth hurts I guess, but if Tivo is your top priority then DirecTV may not be the service for you. Understand?
  2. pdcullen

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    May 18, 2010
    I have a Phiilips DSR704 sitting around doing nothing, with an access card. Took it out of service 3.5 years ago, worked then. Untouched since then.

    PM if interested.
  3. rolybert

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    Oct 1, 2008
    someones butt
    I love how you now completely change your post from what you posted originally to now sound like you are truly being helpful. Why did you not post it that way from the start. You said basically the same thing you did before but now wrapped it all up in sunshine. Un believble.

    Perhaps if you posted this originally

    "Now if SD is all you care for or need then my advice is simple...if you feel comfortable with older hardware then an SD DirecTivo is a fine device and still works great for SD channels from DirecTV"

    Instead of only this.

    "Bottom line is this:
    * Right now DirecTV does not have a current receiver that has Tivo in it and hasn't for 4-5 years.
    * So anything you get now is used and some are old enough they fall into the category of way old receiver"

    And since the OP said CLEARLY

    "we don't have HD service and probably won't for a while"

    Perhaps you could have mentioned the fact that the HR10-250 even though cant get HD from D* it is also a superior unit for SD and can record OTA.

    Instead of saying it like this.

    "As for HD, the HR10-250 is the only HD capable DirecTivo out there, again it's old, having not been sold for over 4 years now, but it will only get HD via OTA antenna since all the HD on DirecTV has long been moved to 2 new satellite slots which the HR10 can't tune to and are in MPEG4 with the HR10 can't decode"(since the OP said he has no HD and wont for a while what is wrong with a hr10-250 and why even mention it this way)

    Perhaps agenda is a wrong word but I still agree with what Wil said.

    And about my giving advice I would have reccomended since the OP said he did not care about HD I would have said you can get many good directivos and a Hr10-250 is a great unit for SD to get until you are ready for HD then see what your choices are.

    The OP came to a Directv TiVo forum asking for advice about TiVo.

    IMO all you did was give half truths completely ignoring the fact that there are plenty of GOOD Directivos out there to get.

    Check out Pdcullen:)
  4. rolybert

    rolybert tunafish smells weird

    Oct 1, 2008
    someones butt
    Now that is how you are helpfull in a Directv with tivo forum:):) For someone looking for a great dual tuner Directivo.

    I hope the OP sees your post.:up:
  5. rolybert

    rolybert tunafish smells weird

    Oct 1, 2008
    someones butt


    Im sorry Steve but I disagree with you on this one. If you dont want HD and want Directv then the Directivos are a way to go. I agree with you if you want HD and Directv then TiVo is out for now. The only reason I called out shibby on this is he spends all of his time over at the HD directv forum and comes in here and puts down the SD tivos as well by almost calling them old and useless which is 100% not true.(After Will and I called him on it he replied to me totally different like I would not notice) I still have my modded to 400 hour dsr704 and it has never giiven me any issues. I guarantee there are still new or like new ones sitting in boxes out there for sale.

    BTW I dont recall calling him names;)

    FWIW Steve I would take your opinion anytime over someone that came here and contributes nothing to the Community as a whole other than a completely biased opinion(Better than agenda :)) I am sorry but that IMO is not someone that should give advice here in the basically SD forum. You on the other hand have both and use them.
    Where was the party in question 5 years ago, not here discussing Directivos.

    He or she came here 2 years after the breakup of Tivo and D* and has done nothing but praise D* receivers and do everything to sway people away from Directivos. You cant deny it.

    Also IMO I would not be so on their case if Directivo's were completely a dead issue. Which as long as there are working units out there or D* stops supporting them they are not a dead issue and anyone that comes into THIS sub forum deserves correct info not biased opinions and half truths like they are old way old. Since people have 10 year old units still working perfectly 5 year units are NOT way old. And perhaps some new units or like new can be had here even in this forum from well trusted regulars like yourself.

    Roly steps down from the podium as I have said my piece which I have been wanting to say for a while. This speech was not directed to you Steve just explaining my feelings which are totally justified :)
  6. rolybert

    rolybert tunafish smells weird

    Oct 1, 2008
    someones butt
    Let me ask you this Shibby after the OP

    Said this is what he wanted

    Our requirements:
    1) Must work with DirecTV.
    2) Must have the TiVo interface
    3) Must have the 'peanut' remote.
    4) Must have dual-tuner support.
    5) HD is optional
    And White pelican told him these units will work fine

    Philips DSR704 or DSR708
    Hughes SD-DVR40, SD-DVR80, or SD-DVR120
    RCA DVR40, DVR80, or DVR120
    Samsung SIR-S4040R, SIR-S4080R, or SIR-S4120R
    DirecTV R10

    ( BTW you forgot that a HR10-250 will work well and meet the requirements) ( I am not saying they are going to ever get HD but since the OP had #5 in his requirements....)

    Why did you come here talking about how old they are making them sound like junk. I doubt it is because you love TiVo:rolleyes:
  7. rolybert

    rolybert tunafish smells weird

    Oct 1, 2008
    someones butt
    Did you bother to read the OP:rolleyes:

    1. He already has Directv
    2. All he wants are SD Directivos since HD is OPTIONAL. All the one you are bashing did was call out the party in question as to why he put down Directivos in a Directivo forum with no explanation trying to sway the OP away from Tivo which the OP clearly wants. So before you side with ..... against Wil and call him names you better read all the posts and try a little reading between the lines.;)
  8. Wil

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    Sep 26, 2002
    Because that's what he does. The only thing he does.

    It's interesting that Stevel joined the discussion. He is a TCF member, like most of us with a lot of interests. He happens to be both a DTivo and a DirecTV HD user and he believes (correctly) the DirecTV units have come a long way. He likes them a lot, and from time to time he comments to that effect. No one has any problem with that.

    Shibby and same do only one thing. Knock Tivo. Relentlessly. Thus the suspicion of an agenda.

    At current prices, the HR10-250 is a marvel if HiDef is not a requirement beyond OTA channels. Hackable too, makes a very flexible home-networkable component; plays back HiDef programming from a variety of sources just fine if you're technically comfortable with converting to .ty files.
  9. HazMatt

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    Aug 31, 2010
    Holy FRICK people… Apparently I missed my thread subscription updates!! LOL!!! I came back and had a good laugh at some of the crazy passions that people have here. Reminds me of the good old Mac vs. PC flame wars that I used to participate in! :p

    Anyway, what I ended up doing was swapping my DirecTV DVR / Receiver with my sister's HR10. She prefers the DirecTV DVR interface and we prefer the TiVo interface, so it was the perfect solution. Access cards stayed with their machines and things are working good so far. By the way, one of her complaints about the TiVo unit was the "beep-boop" sounds, but she is just too lazy to hunt through the settings to turn it off. She also didn't know about the nice 6-second instant rewind on the TiVo remote (one of my favorite features).

    And to clarify our setup (since there was some confusion), here's another bullet list:
    • Our DirecTV service is free for us. We have a unique living situation and cable TV isn't an option, but the DirecTV is included.
    • We have a standard definition TV and have no immediate plans on upgrading to HD. If the right DirecTiVo came along (hence my interest in the HR10-250), I would lean towards that so I wouldn't have to replace a DVR when and if we upgraded our TV.
    • In our opinion (me and my wife), the DirecTV DVR interface is abysmal compared to a Series2 DVR. So yeah, TiVo interface is still worth it. Truth be told, I'm really interested in the new Apple TV because I love the simplicity of Apple's design. I am technically capable of tinkering to some degree, but I hate it. It annoys me that I have to resort to older technology to get what I want, but at least it's still available.

    And pdcullen, I did see your post. I still might be interested… I have a TV in my office that I only have my Xbox 360 hooked up to. Might be nice to have my own TiVo unit.

    So if y'all are still interested in answering my questions, here's a couple more:
    1) It appears as though I don't need my regular TiVo account as the new R10 didn't ask me for any new setup details… I'm thinking I can probably cancel my original TiVo account that I used for our standalone TiVo Series2 DVR?
    2) If I do get a 2nd DirecTiVo for my office, I'm assuming we'll have to add another receiver to the purchased plan? We currently have a four-wire satellite feeding two to our new HR10 and a third to another regular DirecTV receiver that runs some TVs for business purposes. That leaves the fourth wire for this potential office setup.

    Thanks for the impassioned discussion! ;)

  10. HazMatt

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    Aug 31, 2010
    Well gosh, I guess this 5th post will let me send a PM to pdcullen! :p
  11. stevel

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    Aug 23, 2000
    Nashua, NH
    You don't need a TiVo account with an HR10 (or other DTiVo). You do need "DVR Service" from DirecTV, but I assume you already have that.

    If you add another DirecTV DVR, you'd probably want a 5x8 multiswitch so that both DVRs can have two inputs and use both tuners. You normally would have to pay a mirroring charge for the added box.
  12. HazMatt

    HazMatt resU deretsigeR

    Aug 31, 2010
    OK thanks for the help, stevel.

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