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    After much searching here and on the Internet and some trial and error; I have perfected my remote for all my home TiVo devices. Here's how how I got there and your mileage may vary. But, figured I might as well give my solution for those many that I've seen trying to get a Harmony remote experience that's fluid.

    TiVo Bolt 500GB Model# TCD8495000 with included TiVo Bolt White Remote
    2 Roamio Plus, 1 Roamio OTA,, 1 Original TiVo Mini
    Logitech Harmony 650

    In the Logitech Harmony software add device using Manufacturer: TiVo/DirecTV and Model: HR10-250 (Yeah I know that's an ancient model. However, iIt has the List command to go straight to My Shows. You’ll still need your white Bolt Remote, etc. though for all this.)

    First after adding the TiVo device to Harmony, teach/learn the device, Back, Zoom, TiVo, Yellow, Blue, Red, and Green from your Bolt Remote.

    1. Menu to List
    2. Exit to Exit
    3. Previous Channel to Back
    4. Number Enter to Enter
    5. Yellow, Blue, Red, Green should automatically be mapped if you named them before learning by color, if not map them.
    6. Number Plus to Clear
    7. Thumbs Up and Down to the middle Up Arrow/Down Arrow buttons
    8. SkipForward to Advance and Skip Backward to Replay
    9. Stop to LiveTV

    I honestly found no use for Zoom at all once finished and having tested for all functionality I expected.

    FYI, if you have multiple TiVo’s, make sure in the Harmony software for each device to go to “Change Device Settings” and “Change Device” version. You want to make sure it recognizes that you changed the IR codes using the time honored “Hold Pause/TiVo button” remote code change procedure so you can operate TiVo's in the same room. Yes, this is a little lengthy post, but if you're like me, you'll end up with the remote exactly the way you want it and the layout will make perfect usuable sense.

    When you hit Menu/List, you'll go straight to recordings/My Shows. To get to the main TiVo menu, just use the Previous Channel/Back button underneath the D-pad to the right. I found this layout quite productive and harkens back to one of my oldest Harmony layouts for TiVo, which not coincidentally, was way back in the DirecTivo days when I first made the dive into the TiVo pool.

    FYI, I'm using this same exact remote setup with the Bolt 500GB, Roamio OTA, Plus, and the original TiVo Mini. This programming took all of 30-45 minutes for my two Harmony 650 remotes, one kept in the bedroom, and one in the living room.
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    Good info; thanks.

    FYI... I'm not sure what's mapped to the rocker button by default, but I prefer up being ADVANCE and down being REPLAY to facilitate navigation during video playback. (I'm not a fan of the newer Harmony remotes that have discarded the rocker.)
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    For the record, the Tivo Bolt device in the Harmony database has List as well as all the ones you learned. So the next person can just skip straight to the button customizations.
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    Anyone who doesn’t have one I recommend a harmony smart control when it is on sale for <$80 and only changes you might want to make are assigning back to the little arrow, clear to the .. key and enter to the e key and swap the short/long press for ffw keys around so default is 30 second skip. Menu is mapped to the TiVo button.
    I put thumbs up and down on long press on the e button and the one on the opposite side of remote as I rarely use thumbs, seem pointless in this day and age to me... but I know others love them. No learning needed with this remote.
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    Understand, my solution is to leverage the short and long press functions. I make short press 30 sec skip (advance as harmony calls it) and 15 sec skip back (replay as harmony calls it). Long press is the rewind and FastFoward functions,

    I have 4 TiVo’s, four smart controls with hubs (wife and guests love them) and for me I added the lcd remote to two of those hubs. Rarely use the LCD controls, could have avoided buying them in retrospect. Almost never use the app to control the devices.
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