Living Room Series 3, Want another Tivo, which one?

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    We have a Series 3 in the Living Room and we rent a comcast stb for one of the bedrooms. Instead of paying $15/month for the box/remote rental I figured we could get another Tivo box... which one should we get? Do we have to activate service on the box to share media back and forth, what about program guide data? (we have a lifetime sub on the Series3)

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    You could get any TiVo model (S2, S3, or HD). You'll have to get service for the additional box no matter what you choose.

    As far as I know:
    If you go with an S2, you'll be able to share (multi-room view) SD content.

    I know for sure:
    If you go with another S3 or an HD, you'll be able to do that with SD and HD content.

    If your budget permits, I'd go with a new TiVo HD. From Amazon they are going for around $250-$260. Then as a current subscriber, you can activate it at $9.95 monthly, or $99 prepaid. Also if your budget permits, you have until Feb 13th to purchase lifetime service ($399) on any new TiVo.

    As far as program guide data, each unit gets its own data via the TiVo service.


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