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    Ok I have an issue that I am trying to look up. While watching on a TiVo Romeo, on live TV. I will lose all prior recording, of that channel, (The 30 mins of recorded live TV) once the TiVo changes to a recording without any notification, even if it is on the same station. This occurs even if there is other tuner available. So For example.... When I turn on the TV I will rewind the Channel on live TV (the 30 mins) to bypass all the commercials. In the past I would get an alert if the Tivo needed to change channels or start a recording on the channel that I am on, warning me that I will lose the video that I am currently watching. This used to be only if it has to change the channel. I am not getting this. It just changes the channel losing all prior recorded live TV. What has changed? I didn't change anything on the TiVo. What do I need to do to fix this, if there is something that I can do.
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    This is a loss of the buffer when a new recording starts which appears to be a bug released in 20.7.4. Open a ticket with TiVo so they know how many people are impacted by this.

    This post shows some of the other posts where this has also been reported.

    Losing Buffered Programs


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