Little Dorrit

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    I've been on a BBC mini-series kick lately. This is another good one, especially if you're a fan of Dickens. Great period atmosphere, sets, costumes. As usual, the acting is top-notch all around, especially Tom Courtenay as Mr. Dorrit, in a great performance. Claire Foy, in a mostly reactive role, plays Amy Dorrit with taciturn charm, while Matthew MacFadyen, who apparently specializes in these period pieces, brings complexity and depth to a character that could have come across as a one-note simp in lesser-talented hands.

    The adaptation is by Andrew Davies, who also did the brilliant "House of Cards". The story, imho, isn't one of Dickens' best (one can see this as a prelude to his masterpiece Great Expectations), but, if you're a fan, it's a rare treat to get an 8-hour adaptation of a classic like this. The ending comes across as a bit deus-ex-machina, but Dickens liked his happy endings and it's certainly set up well enough (perhaps too well).

    I plan to watch Dickens' Bleak House next, an 8 hour adaptation, then Austen's Pride and Prejudice, a much-acclaimed 5-hour version.

    I'm really surprised there aren't any of these longer adaptations of David Copperfield and Great Expectations, I'd love to see that.
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    I presume you mean the 2008 one. There's one from the 80s on netflix streaming, but the 2008 one is just on DVD.
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    There was a multi-part adaptation of Little Dorrit on Masterpiece Classic last year, and while I don't watch these things (Cranford?!?) my wife did, and she absolutely HATED it! I asked her if she wanted me to save it on DVD for her, and she not only said NO! but she asked if I could delete it from her brain, as well as Tivo. :( She has little tolerance for some things I guess.

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