Lifetime Transfer -- 1st year over, now NO MSD w/o a Contract!!!

Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by pinballfan, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. pinballfan

    pinballfan Member

    Oct 2, 2001
    Nashua, NH, USA



    After last years launch woes, I *really* can't quite believe this but....

    Last year I bought by Series 3 in the pre-launch window. After it arrived, I transferred my Lifetime service from a Series 1. That unit was then given 1 year of free service, and was set to go month-to-month once that year was up.

    Unfortunately, I was just charged $12.95 for the monthly service on that older unit. I was expecting to get the multi-service discount and only be charged $6.95. Am I missing something, have the rates just gone up?

    Anyway I just got off the phone with a Tivo rep who said the only way I could get a multi-service discount was to cancel the month to month and go on a contract. He seemed to indicate that the $12.95 rate was the normal, non-discounted rate.

    Please tell me I just got incorrect information!?!

    -- Doug
  2. shady

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    May 31, 2002
    I guess you could look here
  3. yunlin12

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    Mar 14, 2003
    San Jose, CA
    Pinball, this is their latest policy. You can only get MSD on new units, or any existing units that are already on MSD when they last changed their policy. If you have a unit that is on a 1 year plan, once it ends it will revert to whatever the monthly rate Tivo is charging at the time. However, if you want to get the MSD on the Tivo, you need to cancel the sub on the Tivo, and re-sub under a monthly plan with either the 1, 2, or 3 year commitment, and that box will get MSD, and get $6 off from the respective monthly rate of the 1, 2, or 3 year commit. If you go with the 3 year commit, the normal monthly is $12,95, and you will get $6 off, and get the $6.95 rate you were expecting.
  4. pinballfan

    pinballfan Member

    Oct 2, 2001
    Nashua, NH, USA
    Whoops! :( Sorry bout that. Didn't mean to start a duplicate thread...
  5. wickerbill

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    Apr 3, 2002
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    I distinctly remember tivo pony telling us that these tivos would automatically revert to the $6.95 per month rate after the free year was up. This is BS if they have changed that policy since then. I will be canceling mine if that's the case. I sometimes think the IRS tax code is easier to understand and more consistently enforced than tivo's new billing policies.
  6. synch22

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    Dec 30, 2003
    sorry but this is a pretty pathetic move by Tivo especially against those of us who switched over the lifetime and paid the lets see... $650+ +$199 fee.... wait lets top it off on a system that they eventually replaced with a much cheaper unit.

    Like i said I love my tivo and I actually plan on another series 3 unit or hdtivo but there is no way in hell i commit my series 2 to an extended plan....

    I will most likely leave the S2 unsubbed....bury it after i remove the hard drive and wait until i do some changes in the house and get a HD or S3 in the bedroom.

    IMO bad move by TIVO and I do rember seeing that the sub would convert to month to month @ 6.95 if nothing was done.

    Thumbs down and terrible move!!
  7. CharlesH

    CharlesH Member

    Aug 29, 2002
    Seems kind of silly and generates a lot of busy work for TiVo to do it like this. On the other side, many retailers that have a (say) 15 day return policy will just price-match any price reduction/sale/rebate/whatever in that interval; they don't make you return the product and then buy a new one with the new promotion.
  8. GoHokies!

    GoHokies! O2->CO2 Converter

    Sep 21, 2005
    It's not so much a "return and re-buy" as it is just calling and telling Tivo that you would like to commit to a longer term contract. Tivo has decided that if you want to get their lowest prices, you have to give them some service commitment.
  9. Oct 1, 2007 #9 of 13

    TerpBE Go Terps!

    Jan 23, 2003
    Philly 'burbs
    Has anybody else had any experiences with the expired 1 year? The guys from Tivo on here said in no uncertain terms last year that the box lifetime was transferred from would switch to a monthly MSD price once the free year was up.

    Can any of the guys who work at Tivo check in and give us some advice to avoid overpaying?
  10. CTLesq

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    Jan 19, 2003
    SF Bay
    I actually cancelled mine one month before it was set to switch. I don't use the box and had I had my choice I wouldn't have gotten the "free" year of service.

    I understand my situation is only (maybe) 1% of everyone but I only have one TiVo and one TV. So I was only interested in keeping the HD TiVo Series 3 going.

    So my calendar popped up last week - time to cancel TiVo before the monthly costs started to hit.

    While the rep was nice enough she continued to put me on hold and then get back on after about a minute had passed to suggest some new innovative reason I shouldn't cancel on the soon to be month to month.

    I like TiVo and want them to succeed and I understand their paying subscription base is important. But, I only need one TiVo. I just wanted my request processed as soon as possible.
  11. ThreeSoFar

    ThreeSoFar FourNow...WaitFive

    May 24, 2002
    OP is wrong.

    I called when my first month was charged $12.95, called and pointed out it should get the MSD discount, and they said "yup, sure 'nuf" and fixed it.
  12. Mikeyis4dcats

    Mikeyis4dcats Well-Known Member

    Oct 2, 2003
    OP is just got lucky.
  13. ThreeSoFar

    ThreeSoFar FourNow...WaitFive

    May 24, 2002

    OP stated an absolute, which is absolutely wrong.

    The CSR he spoke wth is wrong, in a sense, too.

    To "wrong", I'll add that the OP is not persistent enough.

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