Lifespan of a Tivo Premier?

Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by AGinCO, May 2, 2017.

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    I doubt that. Star Trek is on MeTV. MeTV affiliates are broadcast over the air and carried on local cable systems, which have nothing to do with ATSC 3.0. Plus, broadcasters don't have to use 3.0 for mpeg4 video compression. They can use it in existing 1.0 transport streams, and boxes like the Tivo HD and Premiere will be able to decode it.
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    Ive had 5 Tivo’s since 2004 I think. It’s been many moons since then but anyhoo, my first TiVo stopped working at the 4 year mark and TiVo sent me a free replacement. The free replacement stopped working at the 4 year mark so TiVo gave me a discounted TiVo for being a loyal customer. I threw that one in the closet when I got a Premier in November 2010. The Premier stopped working in August of 2018 when I purchased an open box but never activated Premiere XL on Ebay. I hate the design of the Bolt and I hate how slow TiVo operates so this will be my last round with TiVo.
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    I'd recommend a used Roamio if you don't like the Bolt design. No problems here with the speed and the TE3 interface. I don't have any issues with the apps that we use although they do take a little while to launch (but once launched no speed issues). Netflix and Hulu work fine here Amazon Prime works fine for playing but trick play takes a while to resume which is a little annoying if you need to use it to rewind for fast forward.

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    If you feel the need for speed go for the Bolt+. Way faster than Premiere and less cranky than Roamio.

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