Lie To Me (11/9/09) new episode "Fold Equity" not being picked up by Season Pass

Discussion in 'Season Pass Alerts' started by CraigK, Nov 3, 2009.

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    You replied to my post from back on 11/10. It was the 11/5 episode of Fringe that didn't record. Then, on 11/9, Lie to Me didn't record. That prompted my post.

    Now, the 11/30 episode of Lie to Me didn't record for me either.

    As I stated before, the local cable company DVRs using iGuide (TV Guide) are not having these problems with Fox programming, from what I'm told, so apparently Zap2It and Fox need to get together and discuss their issues.
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    My mistake.

    In both cases, I believe the programs recorded with the correct guide data if you forced a connection after 1pm PST on the day of the broadcast; I know that was the case for Fringe, which was broadcast in the slot originally occupied by World Series Gm7. The TiVo guide data for FOX has been fine since 11/9, but the episode information for the 11/30 episode matches the original information for 11/9 episode, so the 28-day rule came into effect since you manually recorded the 11/9 episode. Other DVRs don't have the 28-day history to eliminate duplicates, so they weren't affected.

    iGuide (TVGuide) may not have issues on these two particular shows, but they'd had plenty of issues on others, as anyone who follows DSLR knows.

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