Let the CES RumorMongering begin!

Discussion in 'TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion' started by Justin Thyme, Dec 28, 2005.

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    DocNo Member

    Oct 10, 2001
    Bristow, VA


    That's actually not a bad way to go. They are older buildings (but how much time are you going to spend in your room anyway? ;) ), but heavily planted grounds (i.e. nice) and pretty secluded. And CC has shuttles to the convention center, as do all the Hotels.

    And yes, parking is free in Vegas. I know of no place that charges for parking - would be suicide when none of your competitors do. I was quite spoiled growing up in Vegas, and now living near and visiting cities back east. It was quite a shock where not only do you have to pay (often upwards of $20 a day or more!), but there is not enough parking even if you do decide to pay!

    Wish I could figure out a way to justify a trip this year, should be a great show!
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    cwerdna Proud Tivolutionary

    Feb 22, 2001
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    Yes, parking is free at casinos. I know what you mean about tight schedule, however, the rental car + Primm hotel will still cost you <$173/night.

    For me, if I go, I'll be driving (alone from San Jose :eek: ), so I don't need a rental.
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    smak TV MA SLV

    Feb 11, 2000
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    Well, Silverton has a nice poker room, so unless something just as cheap and on the strip comes out, we'll probably stay there.

    Looks like the Circus Circus room is gone.

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    peteypete New Member

    Feb 2, 2004
    You think there will be any announcement with Tivo the upcoming Yahoo reality series that's going to launch at CES?
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    ZeoTiVo I can't explain

    Jan 2, 2004


    well they have been working on it for many years and with the cable card 1 for a full year now. The only real hurdle left for them is a ratified multistream cable card to make two tuners simpler.

    Also the new CEO is more apt to not wait and just make something happen then hold off longer. My bet is 1st half of 2006 with a failrly solid anouncement at CES
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    JoeBarbs New Member

    Dec 1, 2003
    Boston, MA
    Does CES start on Jan 5th? Is TiVo presenting at all this year?
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    davezatz Funkadelic

    Apr 18, 2002
    Fairfax, VA
    Officially it starts 1/5 - I've been getting press releases for about a week now and press conferences start today in Vegas. TiVo will be represented at CES and presumably demo-ing a bunch of things including the new adapter, new Yahoo! content, hopefully the upcoming HD boxes and hopefully a few other surprises! Not sure if TiVo is actually holding a press conference... anyone know?
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    Bierboy Seasoned gas passer

    Jun 12, 2004
    Fishers, IN
    I read somewhere (online - not "officially") that TiVo had cancelled a planned press conference.
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    d_anders Sr Legacy Member

    Oct 12, 2000
    Twin Cities...
    Yes, it will be an interesting CES. They need to come out with a dual tuner HD box (that will easily work with hd and standard sources), that is both ATSC and cable card capable that has 2 cable card slots, that are software/firmware upgradable to the 2.x specs (once finally ratified).

    And, oh, it's needs to be MPEG4 based....

    (Yes, I understand that once they're upgraded to multistream it would only really require one card slot, leaving the other idle; but why not be open to the possibility to record 3 or even 4 streams at the same time? That would certainly set a new standard and a new bar for DVRs!)

    Ideally, it's one that can act as a great standard two tuner SA box too. Two serial ports and two irda ports would allow for that. That way, Series 3 could accomodate a number of current and future scenarios.

    Yes, I expect it will be more expensive with DVI/HDMA ports, etc.

    I completely withheld from buying another TiVO box this past Christmas with the expectation that some sort of Series 3 will be announced, and then actually available later this Spring or Summer. As such, my expectations may be too high, but TiVo needs to settle the criticism that they don't offer HD SA options. They should offer it, and they can probably price it a little higher too initially.
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    ChuckyBox New Member

    Oct 3, 2005
    Price for this box (unlike the current boxes) isn't that important. The vast majority of sales will go to 1) existing TiVo subs eager to upgrade, and 2) home theater buffs who are willing to pay for features. I'm pretty sure TiVo has the smarts to build this thing to satisfy the discerning customer, and to make a profit on it. To get dual-tuner, HD, and cable card, (and, of course, the TiVo interface and features) I'm willing to pay eight or nine hundred bucks (though I'd be happier with six).

    I, too, have held off getting a second box, primarily because my only reason for getting it at this point would be to have dual-tuner functionality. I don't think you and I are alone in that decision. But there are a number of other reasons for TiVo to get this thing to market as soon as possible. I expect to see it available in Q2.
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    Drestin TiVoFaNaTiC

    Jan 23, 2002
    I have only one little itty bitty wish from CES this year - that Tivo announces their Comast box is done with dual HD tuners & dual 300 GB SATA drives that ... just ... works. Oh and is available now, like, drive to my local Comcast store and get one....


    oh, sorry, was daydreaming again...
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    ChuckyBox New Member

    Oct 3, 2005
    Sorry, but I doubt that you'll see that box before TiVo releases their own dual-tuner standalone box. It is important to have that box available to current TiVo subs for a few months before the Comcast-TiVo product is available.
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    davezatz Funkadelic

    Apr 18, 2002
    Fairfax, VA
    Not sure what other partnerships and announcements are in store... but the first: Humax two-times TiVo. Those TiVo LCD TVs from last year? Turns out they're DirecTV LCD TVs this year! Did someone say portable content? Humax has built the first PMP to support... DirecTV 2Go! Wow!

    I put a few details on my page, press release links, and some pics (which don't show much):
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    Dan203 Super Moderator Staff Member TCF Club

    Apr 17, 2000
    While it may be unexpected to see this device being made by Humax it's not unexpected to see this device. Dish stuck a similar deal with Archos a few months ago and just recently started shipping their product. DirecTV had to come out with something to stay competitive.

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    davezatz Funkadelic

    Apr 18, 2002
    Fairfax, VA
    It surprises me (except for the pre-release, release last week)... I just didn't see DTV opening up to that sort of stuff. I guess since they've been so conservative by not incorporating the cooler TiVo mutlimedia features, I assumed they wouldn't move in that direction. What do I know? I really want some more details though on the service and how it works (rather than the hardware) - DTV's press conference is Thursday @ 6:30PM.
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    MichaelK Active Member

    Jan 10, 2002
    chase cary said something like there there would be SEVERAL portable devices unveled at CES during the last quarter conference call. Maybe that's why humax got top make the pre- announce about being first- there will be others on the 5th??? I wasn't surpriesed either by the announcedment- just that they were allowed by directv to make it before Directv even showed up at CES.

    Dig around for my posts at AVS- I cant recall specifics but i listeend to the conference call and posted my notes over there. Sounded like Directv has some new stuff up there sleeve for this CES. But if their DVR's suck there's no point for me.

    Come on Tivo- multistream cablecard Tivo for early Q2! Pretty please!
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    Justin Thyme

    Justin Thyme Contra sceleris

    Mar 29, 2005
    I'll bet you a donut NDS contracted to build this as they have used Humax for other UK destination equipment. I'd further wager this is an NDS design with NDS software. That's a question for anyone viewing this at CES- how does the UI compare between Humax's guide and that of the DirecTv R15 also designed by NDS?

    So what is DirecTv thinking? People are going to drop a grand on a 32 inch HDTV display that will only work with one carrier?

    I understand why DirecTv thinks this is the best thing since sliced bread to lock in customers, but are consumers given to sticking their legs in bear traps? Why shouldn't the consumer buy a separate box so that they could sell each separately? It's goofy.

    The interesting part is the software. Surely Humax is not writing their own, and I doubt that Murdoch is interested in losing control of the Navigation of his network. The Humax may be pointed at as an example of third party navigation devices, but even if this were not contracted, if NDS software is controlling the navigation, then there is no third party navigation of the carrier's network- and this is the key concept.
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    mattack Well-Known Member

    Apr 9, 2001
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    DCIFRTHS Active Member

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    Justin Thyme

    Justin Thyme Contra sceleris

    Mar 29, 2005
    Carriers will do what is in their business interest to stay competitive as Dan remarked.

    Where DirecTv and Dish cannot go is where Gates and Tivo is going. Their DVRs will never allow you to buy programming via IP if they don't get a substantial cut of the action. They don't want to compete with multiple sources reselling the same content they are. In time, a MultiMode Tivo will allow consumers to cherry pick best service, best content, best price by comparison shopping between Cable, IP, and satellite sources of content.

    The carriers aren't wild about that model, but it's tough- they have no choice. Their little foray into DVRs is not going to kill off or co-opt this trend. MS will offer it, and so will Tivo. But the Carriers won't make it available from their DVRs and STBs for obvious reasons.

    Microsoft has dusted off Glaser's deal with StarZ and pumped some more money and platform support into it. But the content guys aren't going to play favorites- StarZ will just as soon do a deal with Apple or Tivo. Anyone who has a reasonable size audience has a seat at the table. Maybe Apple, or Microsoft will be able to have one network here or a distributor there locked into a short term exclusive agreement during the transition phase but beyond that they are dreaming if they can maintain exclusivity. Neither Apple, Microsoft, nor the carriers will be able to maintain any broad exclusive agreement that will lock out others.

    Consumers will choose the device that navigates that huge mass of content in the most intuitive fashion. They are not going to cotten to devices whose providers want you to use just one source of content- whether it is the cableco's programming lineup, or Apple's IPTV offerings on iTms.

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