Left D* for Comcast One Month Ago - No Going Back!

Discussion in 'DirecTV TiVo Powered PVRs & Receivers' started by gatorbait, Feb 3, 2007.

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    gatorbait Member

    Feb 10, 2000
    Salt Lake...


    I have now had Comcast and the S3 in place for about a month. I dropped D* after being with them since 1996. I did not like what they were doing with their HD DVR nor did I want to add another larger satellite dish, deal with the new multi switches, or commit to an additional two year commitment on leased equipment.

    It has been a great switch for me. It is is so fun to be back to a real life TiVo and not the features that D* decided I wanted. I had hacked my D* TiVo's for additional functionality but still have enjoyed the switch.

    I had no problems at all getting the cable cards installed and working. The picture quality is tremendous. The OTA tuner better than the HR10-250. With the S3 we feel like we got a new TV. The SD is at least as good as what D* spews, and the HD is not even close. Comcast in a land slide.

    I have features that I appreciate like speed and folders, without having to deal with the unreliable recent upgrades that D* has sent to its HR10-250 customers.

    I also sold my HR10-250 on ebay for $550 so the actual cost of my S3 was next to nothing.

    Something else I didn't expect is how much I like the S2 TiVo we picked up for the bedroom. TiVo to Go is a great feature and very easy to implement. I love setting up the batch transfers and moving shows to my laptop overnight.

    Just in case anyone else is on the fence, I would suggest you make the switch, I think you will enjoy the experience.
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    Krookut New Member

    Apr 7, 2002
    Bethlehem, PA
    My commitment ends in August, I may take a look at what my local cable co. has then. I am curious to see what D* is going to be offering when the new birds go up though.
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    AVPhan New Member

    Oct 20, 2004
    But with my need for ST and MLB EI, I can't find myself switching......
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    BillsIn05 New Member

    Aug 14, 2006
    Comcast sucks. Youll want to come back once the 2 new birds go up.
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    HomieG Nowhere Man...

    Feb 17, 2003


    Maybe where you are, but not everywhere they are.

    Maybe where you are, but not where I am. From what D* has announced, I have no compelling reason to go back to D*.

    I fully expect DirecTV to keep whoring it's SD & HD quality for $$$, with or without the new birds. Of course they need to pay for those birds, and all the new HD content. It's good to see a horse race finally between satellite and CATV.

    Please, watch the generalities.
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    gio1269 "HR20 Army"

    Jul 27, 2006
    I have to say Comcrap sucks here too. Cables goes out a every few days and and still cost a good a bit more than D*

    Picture quality goes to D* (SD and HD), CS, D*, Picture Quality, D*, price D*

    The only thing with Comcrap is no bugs with he HR10 or HR20 and rain fade.
    But with OTA HD and cable going out when someone farts or a TS/Hurricanes comes I will take D*

    Comcrap was out for 7 days after a minor storm here. I had D* signal until the power went out. Once power was back, so was my TV.

    Just D* needs to pull their head out of their butt and get back to be the leader in PQ, channels and service.

    Again, still better than Comcrap locally.
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    whsbuss Advanced Member

    Dec 16, 2002
    Phila, PA
    I totally agree with your assessment. I've been with D* since 1998 and although my HR10-250 (4 replacements) has been stable now I will not be going the 5LNB mega-dish route.

    My 3LNB dish is mounted on the rear eave of my garage roof and never had any problems w/wind, etc. Some minor snow buildup that I clean with an extension poll window cleaner. I understand all the bandwidth constraints, but having to change dishes every few years is not the answer for me.

    I will keep my DTivo since I have an OTA antenna and don't need the HD locals via MPEG4. Plans are to go w/Comcast later this summer, get a great 12-month deal, then go with Verizon's FiOS. D* doesn't have any more HD channels than Comcast or Verizon, so staying pat for now. And all the hoop-la about 100 HD channels from D* is just that..... (they are counting the LiL-HD in the number).
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    jfh3 Active Member

    Apr 15, 2004
    Denver area
    Most of my viewing has moved to the S3 box from the HR10-250. I was just about to finally cancel DirecTV until the MLB EI thing came up. :(

    Don't know what I'm going to do, but keeping DTV just for EI seems a bit much, especially if there isn't a significant increase in the number of HD games.
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    aaronwt UHD Addict

    Jan 31, 2002
    I'm in the same boat. I've dropped my DirecTV programming except for the family programming and the HD channesl and dropped all my receivrs except two HR10-250 units. The picture quality from Comast for HD is noticebaly better than DirecTV. I just wish Comcast had HDNet. If they did I would have completely left. If the S3 implents MRV soon that might hasten my DireTV departure even without Comcast gettting HDNet. Plus they give Sat customers such a good deal to leave. $30 a month for a year that would normally cost $90 a month. Thats the main reason why I don't mind keeping both providers for now since I'm still paying less than when I just had DirecTV programming.
  10. whsbuss

    whsbuss Advanced Member

    Dec 16, 2002
    Phila, PA
    I'm a big hockey fan, especially the Flyers. When I went to D* in 1998 I thought missing Comcast SportsNet would be unbearable. I do like HDNet for their hockey games but not much else. HDNet Movie channel has the same movies just like HBO and Showtime.

    I would miss them but it won't be the end of the world. INHD on Comcast leaves a lot to be desired too. That's why I'm staying put for now. Once Comcast can successfully implement Switched video (and Tivo S3 can upgrade to support it) there will be more HD programming. Only Verizon's FiOS has future bandwidth expansion capabilities. But it will be awhile before a large portion of their serving area has it.
  11. Citivas

    Citivas Old Member

    Oct 12, 2000
    I tend to agree. If D* would do the honorable thing and let me return the HR-20 that doesn't work (totally disaster of a box so far) and get me out of the contract commitment, I would probably switch.

    I have been with DirecTV since 1995, across 4 moves and two states. And I have had the integrated TiVo DirecTV boxes since their first introduction in 2000. That said, I tried Comcast digital cable here a couple years ago basically for free while they ran a promotion (since I am already using them, to great success, for high speed Internet), while I also kept my DirecTV account. When the promotion ended, I dropped their TV service really only because I didn't like their Motorola DVR versus the TiVo units on DirecTV. It had only half as much capacity and a terrible UI...

    But if I had been judging on any other factor, Comcast would have won hands down. The channel selection was better overall (I don't get the D* special sports packages which I guess is the draw for some), the HD choices and PQ was MUCH better, it was way cheaper as part of a package, and it is much easier in terms of cabling since I didn't need a unique cable for each tuner. On my most recent move, DirecTV sent out people that butchered my house installing cable the cheap and easy way, coming in thru window sills, running the black only cable visibly along the floors for 20+ feet in my rooms and putting the dish in the most obnoxiously visible spot in the front of the house. They never were so bad before but when I complained they basically cited a bunch of policies about how they do it now (no going only roofs or in attics or fishing cable through walls, etc.). Honestly, I would rather switch to Comcast and rip out all their hack work.

    My only issue with the S3 is I am annoyed, having purchased a "Lifetime" membership directly from TiVo years ago that it won't be honored by TiVo now and that I would have to pay the extra fee. But I'd get over it given that the net result is still cheaper than DirecTV and they have just demonstrated to me, with the install and the total disaster of an HR-20 launch and their unwillingness to either give me a working unit or let me return it, that they just don't respect their customers anymore. By comparison, Comcast in my area anyway has been extremely reliable and very responsive as a cable modem service provider and has great pricing.

    The real sign for me was a couple weeks ago when I hosted some of my new neighbors for dinner. Over the years I have been so convincing in preaching the benefits of DirecTV and TiVo that I have gotten many people I know to switch. But these neighbors all had Comcast with their HD DVR box and honestly they were completely unconvinced as I walked them through the DirecTiVo menus and guide of channels, etc. About the only thing I could say was “I like the TiVo interface better.” There was zero other compelling argument verss what they had, and they didn’t buy that one…
  12. Bananfish

    Bananfish Preowned Member

    May 16, 2002
    Belmont, CA
    I'm a Flyers fan too, whsbuss, so I feel your pain this year.
  13. gworkman

    gworkman Member

    Feb 6, 2006
    Las Vegas, NV
    Not all cable companies are a step up. If I were to switch to Cox, I would have to go the S3 route. They don't offer NBC or Fox in HD. I have 5 DVRs in the house. Cox's DVR fees alone would be over $50.00/month.
  14. whsbuss

    whsbuss Advanced Member

    Dec 16, 2002
    Phila, PA
    Yes, lots of pain!
  15. Lije Baley

    Lije Baley Tivo-dependent

    May 11, 2004
    30 miles NW...
    My commitment has run, and I'm thinking about checking with our local cable, Charter, now that it has HD.
    However, we've got an RV and use it frequently. With the old round 2 LNB dish and an SD Tivo, D* provides better, and sometimes the only, programming. Our local spot beam covers most of California, Oregon and Nevada, so even our locals are available.
    I'll probably stay with D* because of that.
  16. Win Joy Jr

    Win Joy Jr Well-Known Member

    Oct 1, 2001
    I am canceling DirecTV tomorrow after I get home from work. Got FIOS installed a week ago, and am considering an S3 after tax season (along with a Hi Def set.

    DirecTV was fun while it lasted. Had a DirecTiVo since 2001, subscriber since 97.
  17. aaronwt

    aaronwt UHD Addict

    Jan 31, 2002
    It seems like alot of people are leaving DirecTV. People who they should be trying to keep. If DirecTV had just kept the TiVo and used it with MPEG4 I wouldn't have even considered going back to Comcast. It's only a matter of time until I fully cancel DirecTV. I'm don to two HR10-250 boxes now and barely any programming. I was paying the over $100 a month and they lost most of my busines.
    I guess I need to change my signature since I'm no longer using three of the TIVos anymore.
  18. ShiningBengal

    ShiningBengal Curmudgeon Emeritus

    Mar 19, 2001
    Comcast is over 30% more for equivalent programming in Minneapolis. That's the gift that keeps giving after the thrill is gone. Free S3 TiVo doesn't come close to closing that gap.
  19. Hersheytx

    Hersheytx New Member

    Feb 14, 2003
    I just installed the Directv HD DVR. I will admit I love the TIVO better, but so far I am not upset with the D* user interface. It has recorded all the shows I ask. It has a neat folder thing. HD looks great on my Samsung LCD.
    Heck I have been with Directv since 94. I got 3 TIVOS (Directv models) and an HD TIVO.
    I am a huge TIVO fanboy. Most of my friends still think I have stock in TIVO. BUt all of them went with Directv because of TIVO.

    But do I trust cable to give me more HD then Directv after the Sats are up and running? NO.
    Do I think cable will have better rates then Directv? NO.
    Will I be able to call customer service and upgrade my channels or change my package without an hour wait on the phone and a tech guy to my house? No
    Cable will never get my dollars the way they serve their customers. Cable internet might be good, but I get tired of my bill going up every 6-12 months for no extra channels or DVR.
    I think I will ride the storm and give Directv the time it needs to get the Sats turned on. In time all things will be decided by what HD programing D* gets in the fall.
  20. RS4

    RS4 New Member

    Sep 2, 2001
    I too have been a long-time subscriber to D*. (My account number is around 10,000.) I'm so upset with them anymore that I'm considering moving to Comcast since the cable modem seems to be very reliable. D* seems to have gotten so arrogant, that they have lost site of the client. I love my Tivo, especially the 30-second skip. I seem to watch a lot of channels that have a huge need to repeat a commercial every other minute, so I have come to totally rely on that feature. I can't imagine watching TV without it.

    I love the NFL ST, but think they are pricing themselves (or at least me) right out of the market, so that is the only thing keeping me with now. We'll see how much the HD pkg is this year - or is that part of the 10.99 fee?

    I'm anxious to see how Tivo works out with Comcast. I'm hoping it turns out to be good because I'm now looking for another excuse or two to leave and then I'm gone.

    I've had a dish since '84 - big dish back then, so this will be a big step for me. I just hate the arrogance. They had a good thing going with Tivo, but blew it - never giving us all of the features, etc. I don't like 2 -year commitments, and won't sign up for that. I hate the XM music and used to listen to the other a lot.

    Even if there was some good reason for trying the MP4 units, I doubt if I would. From what I've read there is not much difference between MP4 and MPEG2 so I wonder why the switch? Plus, they don't have 30-sec skip.

    In any case, I used to be a loyal D* customer - even getting family and friends to switch, but now I'm barely hanging on to their service. I'm glad to read these forums because it helps to read what other folks are thinking about.

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