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    As others have noted, the Pioneer DVR-810H doesn't have the two yellow LEDs to light up when it's time to enter the kickstart code -- for example 57 to try to solve an S03 error. Some forum members have suggested you just have to go by trial and error to find when to release the pause button and enter the code.

    I found that there is an LED alert to when the pause button should be released, but it's different than on Tivo branded models. About 1 1/4 minutes after starting the powerup, a yellow LED illuminates on the left side of the DVD tray and a red LED on the right side. That's when you should release the pause key and enter the kickstart code (most often 57). Then the yellow and red LEDs go out and a blue LED illuminates in the middle. If that happens, it will proceed through the startup, then reboot with the GSOD (Green Screen of Death) letting you know that the kickstart is in progress.

    You only have 5 or so seconds after the yellow/red LEDs light up to enter the code. If you wait too long, the blue LED will not illuminate and you should start over with a powerup.



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