Lease Positive - Out of Warranty Replacement

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    I am still not 100% sure of the leasing shift, however for me it is working out. I bought my HR10-250 in 4/04 with no extended warranty. A few months ago the HDMI failed (as was expected with that time frame of manufacture). Then more recently the box has started randomly rebooting and losing recordings. I contacted Value Electronics to check on the warranty, which unfortunately was only 1 year. Robert informed me that I could get an advanced replacement for shipping cost. The one caveat would be that I would now be in the lease program. For me this is a pretty good deal. I would otherwise have to attempt to get the current unit repaired (new HD and fixed HDMI board) or buy a new one and still be in lease anyway. I assume that when I no longer want the HR10-250 will be once there are some MPEG-4 HD channels I want. At that point any resale value will have been greatly reduced. My only concern is the provision that one can only have one HD-DVR under the lease. I am considering a second one, does anyone know further details on that?

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