Las Vegas 1/23/2006 (S03E14) "And here's Mike with the Weather "

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  1. KRS

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    But how long would Mike really need to "work" to do the weather? Seems like a part time gig that he could fit in with his regular hours.

    When Ed first approached the slick guy who was involved (the guy who made the gambler apologize to the dealer), it was like a moment out of Scooby Doo. Of course, up until then, I had been wondering if Sam was involved in some way. And what about those silver bars? :)

    I guess not only did the perpetrators edit in Monica's face, they also managed to shrink down the real guard's arms to skeletal proportions!

    The girls pumping Danny's drill sargent for stories was great, although I was expecting a better one than his talking in his sleep.
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    You could squeeze a lot of something from those lips, though. Talk about yuck.

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