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    I know the common suggestion is to not set everything to KUID, because nothing would record once the hard drive fills up. But my question is how much KUID is OK to have? Could I set say, 50% of my shows to KUID and have no upcoming recording problems?

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    You’ll have to figure that based on size of you hdd and the amount of free space. It would also depend on how many recordings you have scheduled.
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    Another factor to consider is the length/size of upcoming recordings. For example football games can consume large amounts of space and might could cause a conflict issue.

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    If you want to avoid program deletion, your TiVo can tell you when it's going to happen. It's simple.

    When you watch a program and then delete it, it goes to the Deleted Recordings folder. The date of the program will display. As you continue to delete programs, they continue to add to that folder with the oldest at the bottom. When you see that oldest program disappear, your drive is physically full. BTW, just hit left to leave the Deleted Recordings folder. You will always enter at the top.

    I have two Roamio units that never use KUID. I record Jimmy Kimmel Live on one, and The Tonight Show, The Late Show and The Daily Show on the other. I also record prime time and other stuff. I record late night and delete daily. I watch other stuff on weekends. The other stuff is killed off when I watch it. So my Deleted Recordings folder grows. When I check weekly, and if find my oldest program has been killed, I delete the entire month. At this time one Roamio has a 3TB drive and the other has a 1TB drive. The 3TB drive has never become physically full since I installed it last October. The oldest program is 10/2/2017. I only save episodes with SM also. My 1TB drive fills up faster, so it gets trimmed more often. Usually there are about 170 programs in the Deleted Recordings folder.

    Should the drive become full, your TiVo will kill programs in that folder first to make room for your deleted program. Also, I set all my 1P to "Keep at most" to "All". I dislike yellow dots. I never use KUID. I never empty the Deleted Recordings folder.
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