kmttg & pyTiVo* vs ReadyNAS; MPEG-2 vs H.264; PS vs TS

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    @dianebrat (and any other ReadyNAS owners):

    Ever since that post months ago from the new Bolt owner having problems connecting to his ReadyNAS, I've been on-and-off reading about ReadyNAS / ReadyDLNA and wondering how, over the years, does it compare to kmttg & pyTiVo* (* meaning @wmcbrine and @Dan203 versions)? I have two new-in-the-box Netgear routers with, IIRC, ReadyDLNA and USB ports that I haven't gotten around to 'experimenting' with yet. I tend to buy interesting / useful items when SlickDeals or CamelCamelCamel says 'Lowest Price Ever' so that I always have spares / toys to play with. :cool:
    AFAICT, after a quick-and-easy setup, whenever you mark a program KUID on your TiVo unit, the ReadyNAS will download it. And those downloaded shows then appear like a pyTiVo* share, either at the bottom of your NPL or in Devices, and you can select and Transfer them back to view them. Pretty much the same as kmttg w/ Auto-Transfer on KUID and pyTiVo pulls.

    • Does the ReadyNAS distinguish between PS (Program Stream) 'Slow' and TS (Transport Stream) 'Fast' transfers (like TiVo Desktop, another commercial product, for example)?
      I didn't see any mention of that in the screens I viewed on the Netgear site.
    • If there's no ability to transfer via TS, what does ReadyNAS do with a H.264 channel?
    • Can ReadyNAS be set to auto-delete from the TiVo unit once the TiVo-to-PC transfer is complete?
    • Can Streambaby work with a ReadyNAS?
    • If yes, have you ever tried Streambaby?
    • Are you as happy today with your ReadyNAS as you were the first day of ownership?
    Thanks so much for indulging my curiosity! :D

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