Kitchen Nightmares 10/10 *spoilers*

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    He has closed down many restaurants in the BBC version so they can clean up the kitchen. I don't know why he said it was his first time. Maybe it was the first time he asked them to kick out customers to do so. But he's definitely had the restaurant closed to clean before.

    I don't know if you can find any episodes on the BBC site but I just checked youtube and see many people have posted whole episodes (usually split into three parts.)
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    You bet your butt I'll make reservations at a local restaurant the minute Gordon gets it fixed.
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    does everyone mean "Mixing Bowl" when they are referring to Melting Pot? Isn't the Melting Pot a fondue joint?
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    Well you better not watch it then because things like the Chowder Cook-Off are very common in the BBCA show as a way to drum up business.

    I still think a lot of what they do has to do with budget. They did not pick as bad restaurants in the UK because they did not have the resources to fix broken restraurants in a week. So they had to take ones they actually had a chance of fixing.

    With more resources, they can take on more difficult projects which I think is what they are doing here.

    I also would like to see some of the stuff like hiring the chef and all of that. They have gotten into that process on the UK show before.

    My only nitpick is with the editing. It is too obvious, and distracting.
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    Mar 3, 2005


    God, that boxing scene was awful.
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    Jan 28, 2002
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    No and yes.

    No everyone meant Mixing Bowl because that was the name of the restaurant that Ramsay visited and helped fix. It was not a fondue joint.

    Yes, there is a Melting Pot chain that is a fondue joint, but Ramsay didn't visit one of their establishments.

    Best I can tell there's no way Ramsay would be visiting a chain restaurant. Every place he's been has been a small operation, single restaurant, not part of a chain. I guess the assumption is that a chain restaurant would have to deal with inspections from the franchising company and if they didn't pass muster they'd loss the rights to the name, support, etc.

    Ramsay is visiting small restaurants, restaurants that are having a hard time competing, or that have lost their way over time (see comments from others above). Places where there may be hygiene and cleanliness issues that are chasing away customers, or where the establishment has gotten old and the owners haven't put money into updating decor, rotating and changing menus, etc.
  7. goblue97

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    right. Unless the posts have been edited, I kept seeing references to The Melting Pot. So, I think you meant yes and yes because you just confirmed what I said.
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    I guess the "dumb son" wasn't so dumb after all. He's probably been dreaming of unloading that restaurant since his disapproving father left it to him in the will. One day he gets an epiphany... Let Gordon Ramsey's show fix most of the problems, do a nice remodel, gain some notoriety and then SELL TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER!!!! Hooray! I'll be free of this living breathing HELL that I've been in my whole life!!!!

    I think selling tht restaurant was the smartest thing that poor guy could have done. Get AWAY from Mom, get AWAY from that restaurant/prison and move out of town far away... Find a nice gal, settle down, etc. etc. etc. I hope he finds happiness. :p
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    I bet the show's location scout found the Seascape as a restaurant for sale already, came in with some bucks told them they would fix it up for free and give them some money on top of it and film the episode.
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    it's really too bad a cable channel didn't pick up this show - like bravo, Food, etc. - the show just seems to be trying so hard to get ratings.

    What I get to be the (general) difference between UK and american versions (restaurants)

    UK - mainly dated, out of style and extremely high overhead
    US - mainly arrogant, poor quality, filthy and the "not my fault" attitude.
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    No kidding, why did that go on for over 30 seconds?

    I agree with the others that the "dumb owner" is actually pretty smart for getting Fox to put in some nice renovations and then cashing out. I couldn't imagine working with my mother if she acted like that.

    I was rather amazed at the lame way he fired the chefs... I've never been in a situation where I have had to let people go, but the passive way he did that was not right. "You're off tomorrow." Errm, no, you're gone permanently because you are unwilling to change and the current work ethic that you offer is not satisfactory for the business or its customers.

    Once again though the clever editing and annoying narration are a large detriment to the show. We're adults and we don't need a narrator telling us what we can already see on the screen.
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    Does Fox put up all the money for the renovation? How much input does the owner have?
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    I finally got a chance to see this tonight, mostly because there was nothing else on TV. This was the last straw for me... this was an absolutely horrible episode, and this is a horrible show. It's like they don't even bother trying to make it realistic.

    I no longer believe the "day 1," "day 4" etc. for a second. Some scenes supposedly from the same day have Peter wearing different outfits from shot to shot, and yet other scenes that supposedly stretch across multiple days have him wearing the exact same shirt/tie. The least they could do is reorder the events to improve the pacing... but they're not even doing that, because the whole "epilogue" at the end just feels completely fake because it makes it look like Ramsay practically moves into this town for like a month.

    Plus, every episode is the same... the restaurant reopens. The place nearly has a meltdown. Ramsay pulls someone aside and gives them a pep talk, and suddenly they're owner/waiter/chef/whatever-of-the-year, and the opening suddenly becomes perfect. Then, Ramsay becomes the toast of the town, throwing all sorts of community events. Finally, everyone lives happily friggin' ever. Yeesh.

    I did some research into this episode. It was apparently filmed around March 22 of this year. There was an article about it in the local paper for the area, the Islip Bulletin. I was interested to note that they expected the show to air "in mid April." Of course, all the quotes featured in the article were from the FOX production staff - everyone from the restaurant was under a NDA agreement.
  14. Neenahboy

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    So that would be a non-disclosure agreement agreement? ;)
  15. LoadStar

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    Yes yes. :D

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