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    Nov 12, 2013


    I'm starting a TivoToGo software project with the goals of
    interoperability, streamability, portability, and scriptability;
    implemented by a HTTP proxy server.

    Looking for alpha testers running Unix servers ( Linux / Mac / BSD )
    and MPEG2 video clients.

    Hosted on github:

    To Install:
    git clone
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  2. telemark

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    Nov 12, 2013
    kist - Keep-It-Simple-Tivo

    Custom HTTP proxy server for TivoToGo

    • perl
    • tivodecode
    • curl
    • XSLT via: xsltproc: ( xsltproc ) or libsaxonb-java: ( saxonb-xslt )
    • libxml2-utils: ( xmllint )
    [ /usr/bin/ or /usr/local/bin/ ]

    Tested Servers:
    Mac 10.10

    Tested Clients:
    VLC on Linux
    VLC on Mac
    VLC Firefox Plugin

    Sketchy Clients:
    gnome VLC plugin
    gnome totem / videos

    Getting started:
    1. Edit 2 lines [ IP and MAK ] in bin/ for your Tivo
    2. Start daemon: bin/kistd
    3. Contact server from web browser, on port 8080
    Channel logos come from a backend service. If yours are missing, message the author with your lineup URL from

    CLI Usage:

    $ bin/fid_mpg [] 123456
    < mpeg TS of fileID follows >
    $ bin/fid_xml [tivo.mydomain] 123456
    < xml details of fileID follows >
    $ bin/dvr_xml
    < xml index from default IP follows >
    $ bin/dvr_html []
    < html index from specific IP follows >
    $ bin/dvr_html [tivo.mydomain] Recurse=Yes&AnchorOffset=16
    < html classic index from specific IP follows >

    • multiple user sessions
    • multi DVR households
    • support $PATH
    • render Details page
    • local Channel logo override/grabber
    • WAN access + Auth
    • Enlarge cache management
    • Verify sane inputs
    • Redesign HTML UI

    More R&D:

    • Debug VLC's file length detection
    • Attempt transcoding
    • Attempt Tivo side scrub
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  3. telemark

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    Nov 12, 2013
    Looks like TTG's web UI but was dynamically generated.

    Using Firefox+VLC-plugin, you can just click "Play".

    To watch all via playlist, click .m3u instead.

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    Nov 12, 2013
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    Screen shot doesn't work for me.
  6. telemark

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    Nov 12, 2013
    Sorry, I must have linked to an expiring image link, fixed.

    The offline questions I've gotten is telling me I haven't explained the purpose well.
    pyTivo, KMTTG, Tivo Desktop are great programs oriented to up/download video files between desktop among other things.

    I'm aiming to simplify a different metaphor more streaming oriented, with the side benefits of
    1) avoid managing a video library on my PC's / Servers.
    2) extending Tivo video access to any capable device-
    DLNA, PC's, XBMC, Smart Tv's, etc.

    I don't know what's going to be compatible until it's tested, sadly.
    Streaming mpeg2 video is not a popular feature, and bugs are frequent because of this.

    There are a number of similar features or tools coming out-
    KMTTG's server mode, Tivo Online, Tivo Stream, the python proxy server, Tivo Channel for Plex.

    So this is one more, with slightly different benefits and disadvantages.
    This may be the only option with scrubbing support without transcoding, but again Tivo and client support is dicey on this..
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