Keep old 92 Mini and add $30 4K Fire Stick or upgrade to Mini Vox?

Discussion in 'TiVo Mini' started by dmk1974, Nov 17, 2019.

  1. dmk1974

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    My host is a Roamio Pro and I don't intend to change it. Still running on TE3 with no plans to move to Hydra either.

    I saw the Mini Vox on sale at Amazon and Best Buy today for $150, and while a decent price, I was thinking...why bother? If my kids' TVs currently have the 6-year-old 92 Mini boxes can't I just use a $30 4K Fire Stick for streaming media?

    I have a couple Mini Vox boxes in the house on other TVs and they are definitely snappier, but since TiVo doesn't have the full array of apps that a Fire stick does, I'm just not seeing the reasons to spend the extra $120 vs a stick. Unless an old Mini dies of course and needs replacement. Am I missing any other compelling reason to get them a Mini Vox? Thanks!
  2. jaredmwright

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    That is mostly the decision I made. One exception is that I just upgraded to the new TiVo experience and honestly couldn't be happier with it. You realize how outdated the old one really is. It is also nice having automatic commercial skip without using the remote and the overall capabilities are improved such as auto play next episode start from beginning, etc... It takes a week or so to adapt but the leaning curve is low since it is more similar to streaming devices. Until TiVo has Android TV built thereby avoiding the need for a seperate device I have gone to the Fire Stick 4K and built in apps on my LG TV for now and couldn't be happier. The quality, performance and support is much better. I miss the days of TiVo releasing updates often, I used to look forward to the messages about new features. Ironically, using LG apps I can get on demand from Xfinity, so it is actually necessary to use other options in my opinion to get the best experience which is what matters.

    I have 4K Mini only on my nice 4K displays since the picture is noticeably better and they get used most often, but the rest of my minis are all old v92s

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  3. chiguy50

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    I have the exact same setup as you and have been using the Amazon FS 4K with my Mini. It absolutely suits my needs (with the exception of access to Xfinity Stream).

    On the main TV where the Roamio Pro sits, I have a Nvidia Shield TV and a Roku Ultra since that is where we do the brunt of our viewing.
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  4. MrDell

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    Just wanted to chime in.... I did the same thing... adding a Roku to an old mini and I am totally happy .The mini streams TV from my Bolt perfect but always froze up when using the apps.
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  5. tarheelblue32

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    Jan 12, 2014
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    If it were me, I would upgrade. The A92 and A93 Minis are rather slow compared to the A95 and won't output 1080p. And the 92 just has an IR remote. You can always sell your old Minis on ebay after you upgrade to recoup some of the cost.
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  6. slowbiscuit

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    Use Minis for DVR/live TV, sticks for everything else. You'll thank me later.
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