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    For those of you who are fans of the late Robert B. Parker's detective stories (Spenser, Jesse Stone, Sunny Randall, etc.), the seventh Jesse Stone movie Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost will be broadcast in HD on Sunday May 22 on primetime CBS.

    Unlike the first four films, the fifth through seventh movies are original scripts, not based on a Parker novel.

    Tom Selleck reprises his role as Jesse Stone, the Chief of Police in the New England small town of Paradise, Mass. The stories are beautifully filmed in HD with a solid supporting cast that includes Viola Davis and Kathy Baker as deputies. The Jesse Stone novels are tight and stylish "police procedural" stories, fully adult in nature and well written. Jesse Stone is a complex character who struggles with an alcohol addiction, his feelings for his ex-wife, his demanding job, and a series of beautifull girlfriends. Tom Selleck is at least 20 years older than the Jesse Stone character in the novels, but I'll have to say he has been uniformly excellant in the first six films.

    No, these are not action films. Most often, Jesse fires a single shot in a scene near the end of the film.

    If you missed the prior broadcasts these were the earlier films:

    Stone Cold (2005, available on DVD)
    Jesse Stone: Night Passage (2006, available on DVD)
    Jesse Stone: Death In Paradise (2006, available on DVD)
    Jesse Stone: Sea Change (2007, available on DVD)
    Jesse Stone: Thin Ice (2009, available on DVD)
    Jesse Stone: No Remorse (2010, available on DVD)

    Note: If you want to catch up, view Jesse Stone: Night Passage first, as the novels were filmed out of order, and Night Passage is the series beginning, relating how a drunken Los Angeles homicide cop got his job after a painfull divorce.

    For reference, the Robert B. Parker novels are:

    Night Passage (1997)
    Trouble In Paradise (1998)
    Death In Paradise (2001)
    Stone Cold (2003)
    Sea Change (2006)
    High Profile (2007)
    Stranger in Paradise (2008)
    Night and Day (2009)
    Split Image (2010)

    Don't forget to set your DVRs for Sunday night's HD broadcast.
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    Thanks I have not missed one yet.
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    Tom Selleck is 66 years old. He must spend a fortune of hair dye and mustache dye to cover up the grey. Really, really dark brown hair and mustache on a 66 year old guy doesn't look fake at all, not one bit.

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