Jesse James Hidden Treasure on History Channel

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    Ok, this is an old show (2009), but I caught it for the first time last night.

    It is a 2 hour show that investigates whether or not Jesse was actually killed, whether he was part of the Knights of the Golden Circle, and whether or not he had money stashes hidden around the country.

    It has these dudes from the NGS (National Geomantic Survey, not the National Geodetic Survey), and they all wear sidearms and have some sort of badges on their belts.

    I call BS on their treasure hunt.

    They found the locations by following markings carved into stone walls. Sigh.

    So first, using metal detectors, they get some hits in a field that show the items are a few inches under the dirt - and they decide not to dig right now, they will do it later.

    In another area they come across a buried broken mason jar, and 21 silver dollars from the 1800's. But most of them are dated after Jesse was supposedly killed. My guess is they couldn't find enough of the coins with the right date on eBay, so they went with what they had.

    They go back to the original site, find some more broken mason jars, and then randomly find a gold bar hidden in a tree root nearby.

    Finally they use ground-penetrating radar and discover a large 5 foot box buried at the top of a hill. My first thought was casket. But they are thinking treasure trove. They start digging with a back-hoe and get within a few feet of it and start saying their equipment can't go any deeper. And they just abandon the hunt with a note saying they need more money and better equipment to continue that dig. BS.

    Here it is 2 years later, and still no word of the treasure.

    I can't believe the History Channel paid for this crap.

    Anyone else see this at any time, and think it was real?
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    I caught the end of it and I too was perplexed that they didn't go the few extra feet to get the "treasure". :rolleyes:

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