Issues with Plex and transfered recordings on Hydra 21.8.2.RC1

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by kswartz, Sep 14, 2018.

  1. kswartz

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    Mar 31, 2005
    I've been running into two horrible issues with my TiVo Bolt, running on the Hydra version 21.8.2.RC1. I'm looking to see if anyone else has had similar issues.

    1. Plex app is not able to play back anything. It works fine on my other TiVo (Premiere) or from any web browser, so I don't think it's an issue with Plex itself. But since the latest update, it can connect to my Plex server, and browse the catalog, but attempting to play anything causes it to hang for a minute, then show an error. It worked fine on the last one or two Hydra releases.

    2. Transferred programs are disappearing into empty groups. To workaround the Plex server issue, I am downloading video from the server to the TiVo Premiere, then going to to transfer the programs to the Bolt. For two days, the transfers would not show up on the todo list -- I assume that was a server-side issue. Today, they finally started transferring; however, some would fail partway through with a network failure. They would never resume.

    Under My Shows, each attempt to transfer created a group with the number "1" next to it. It creates duplicates -- I have as many as four or five for one program I kept trying to transfer. But if I go into any of thees groups, it says the group is empty. There is NO WAY to find the program that transferred.

    Except there IS a way to find it DURING the transfer -- from the todo list. There, I can play back the recording. But if I leave and attempt to come back once it's no longer on the To Do List, it's gone and can't be found. Even if the transfer DOES complete, it results in an empty group and no way to find the recording. And when I reach the end, it still thinks it's incomplete, even when it isn't.

    I'm worried this has created tens of GB of orphaned files on my device. I've been a user since 2001 and have never seen problems as troubling as these because my only workaround at this point is to use my other TiVo.

    UPDATE: Using the iOS app, I was able to confirm that #2 is definitely a Hydra UI bug, as: 1) each group DID show a fully transferred program, 2) I could watch that program if I clicked on Watch Now and "Watch on TV" in the app, despite the fact there is no way to do this in the Hydra UI, 3) I was able to delete the groups in the iOS client, when I could not on the TiVo, and 4) my disk usage dropped by 2% after I removed all the groups that Hydra claimed was empty.

    Has anyone been seeing these issues? What's the best way to go about troubleshooting this or reporting it to TiVo to get it fixed?

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  2. kswartz

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    Mar 31, 2005
    Ping - thought I'd check to see if anyone else is running into problems with Plex on 21.8.2RC1 or transfers showing up as empty groups.

    Now I'm also having issues trying to view the contents on the other TiVo of my network. Huge problems with this release -- I need to file this as an issue with TiVo but more ammunition would help.


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