Is TiVo OTA Channel Scan Crap?

Discussion in 'TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion' started by patrone, Oct 27, 2019.

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    Can anyone explain to me how TiVo's OTA Channel Scan is supposed to work? I'm in Chicago and we have recently been asked to rescan due to the repack. I rescanned and TiVo showed me all the channels I get. However, several of those channels don't exist/don't have adequate signal strength. It also left out many channels that do exist and come in perfectly clear.

    I guess my question I have things configured improperly? Or is the Channel Scan function on TiVo's just broken? Does it even look at signal strength or does the 'scan' just load data based on location? I get it if the data is wrong/hasn't been updated...but if it's actually doesn't work.
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    First, during the initial Guided Setup you are asked for a zipcode. That translates to a DMA which gives the TiVo a list of channels that are in its database for that DMA. Since it's possible that things have changed as they are right now, a channel scan will look for channels not in that database and add them with an asterisk to let you see what it found.

    It's not perfect. Further complaints: Channel repack has begun, and it's not good!

    Also see: Media market - Wikipedia
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    Works for me personally ...

    Here in the LA market anyhow ....

    (Two Roamio OTAs and a Bolt OTA).

    In fact during all the repack movements and other issues resulting in occasional guide inaccuracies from TiVo/Rovi. I've come to rely on the feature to at least bring in channel(s) without guide info. as a workaround until TiVo can update the guide.

    But anyway, that being said, I have heard a number of complaints like yours about the SfNC's flakey behavior ...

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    It works as designed in fact perhaps a little beyond. For my DMA of Tampa Tivo includes some Orlando stations. And they are correct because with a good set-up I could get some stations from there with a degree of reliability. It also includes some low power stations I can not get perhaps even with a good set-up but some in the DMA can.

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