is tivo like slingbox?

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    is there an alternative to slingbox?i want to be able to access my direct tv from outside the country.
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    First, TiVo is not compatible with DirecTV. So no you will not be able to stream anything from your DirecTV box using a TiVo. TiVo is a DVR much like the Genie or Hopper or even Channel Master. TiVo is a very Advanced DVR and in the top tier of DVRs along side dishes Hopper products especially the hopper 3. TiVo boxes do have a streaming feature built in (except the TiVo OTA, I believe, and the base Roamio and all previous generations), but it is locked inside the TiVo or in other words will only stream the content recorded on TiVo's. However consider the following paragraphs:

    Why do you need to find a replacement. I have two Slingbox 500s that still work better than any other TV provider streaming solution and especially far better than TiVo which comes with a host of limitations. Yes it is true that sling media will no longer manufacture anymore sling boxes. However sling boxes will be kept functioning for quite some time to come. further sling media will continue to sell the remaining sling boxes in inventory, they are not dropping Slingbox functionality. Dish, unlike TiVo, has a lot of money so I don't see them ending the usefulness of Slingbox for at least years to come, especially considering that they are using sling technology in some of its newest connected devices such as the air TV, so keeping the latest slingboxes functioning is not going to add much cost keeping the new air TV products up and running with the Slingbox inside of them. Slingbox is no longer dependent on browsers for playback since the whole notion of browser plug-ins are going away in favor of external players. while technical support seems to be disappearing and if the Slingbox is broken they can't be replaced because those things cost real money, otherwise there just is no reason to shut down any sling boxes since they require very little cost to maintain. In fact I think they could work without any server at all. The only reason they check in with the server now has to do with ads, and especially considering how dish is increasing its use of the Slingbox technology and its new products.

    The big problem with TiVo is that it's streaming function is far less reliable than the Slingbox. also you cannot steam a live TV. You must instead initiate a recording of that channel then go back to the TiVo Central My shows and then playback that recording delayed as a workaround to being able to watch live TV through TiVo streaming feature.

    The even bigger problem with the TiVo stream feature is that TiVo will not allow streaming, at least out of home streaming, any content that has a CCI byte that prevents this. in other words content that with restrictions that will not allow out of home streaming will not be able to stream that show for viewing at a remote location regardless if the output is HDMI or component video. In other words TiVo is enforcing this restriction in cooperation with the content owners or providers. Slingbox on the other hand will pass through all content even if restricted so long as one uses the component or composite output of their box including a TiVo box.

    Also, I can tell you from a lot of experience that Slingbox is far far more reliable and robust than not only TiVo but even dish anywhere which ironically Dish uses the same sling media technology. the one thing you can do with a TiVo that has streaming capability is that you can transfer recordings to a mobile device. However those also come with content owner provider restrictions so there will be some recordings or programs you will not be able to transfer.

    My advice is to just stick with the Slingbox or getting a new Slingbox before they're all sold out. it's a far better and more reliable solution any other solution out there today.
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    This is alarming news...I had no idea Sling was not making boxes any longer...

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