Is there any such thing as a wireless USB bridge cable? (Tuning adapter related)

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    So I've been having tuning adapter issues all summer. After a bunch of experimenting and looking at the diagnostics page, I determined that the tuning failures happen when the tuning adapter is assigning the SDV channel to the higher frequency (741 Mhz), but it doesn't happen when the tuning adapter assigns the channel to a lower frequency (663 or 675 Mhz). From looking at the diagnostics (and for other reasons that I won't go into) it looks like the channel is coming through, but the TiVo isn't able to lock on to the channel properly. The signal level on the 741 Mhz was pretty low (around 77%) while the 600 Mhz frequencies were in the mid to upper 80s, so I figured maybe the signal level was too low.

    I have a 3-way splitter with a stronger output and 2 weaker outputs, and the cable modem was on the stronger output. I switched the TiVo/TA to the stronger output and the signal levels did improve (741 Mhz varies between 81 and 83%) and the tuning failures now happen less frequently, but they still occasionally happen.

    The only other way I can think of to boost the signal to the TiVo (without some kind of powered amp) would be to remove the 2-way splitter that splits the cable between the TiVo and TA, but that's obviously problematic. But it occurred to me that the TiVo and TA don't really need to be in the same room, except for the fact that they have to be connected via a USB cable. Other than stringing a really long USB cable through my house so I can have the TiVo and TA located at different outlets (which isn't really feasible), is there some way to have the TiVo and TA connect wirelessly over some kind of wireless USB bridge? Does such a thing even exist?
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    Tuning adapters can get finicky and have to be power cycled every so often.
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    Are you using all the outputs from the 3 way splitter. If not, then use a 2 way splitter in place of the 3 way splitter.

    Even if you did that, you will have the same issue as you have with the TiVo/TA on the stronger leg of the 3 way splitter.

    Is the 3 way splitter you are talking about the first splitter the cable from the pole hits?

    A couple of recommendations.

    Have the cableco come out and make sure the signal you are getting to that splitter is the best it can be.

    Check all the coax ports on the inside of the wall to make sure there are no frayed connectors and that the center copper wire is long enough to make a good connection.

    Check all your coax cables for the same. (Including the ones connected to the 3 way splitter) No frayed wires sticking out of the connector and the center wire is of adequate length.

    Make sure you have good quality cables and splitters. (RG6 cables at least)

    Make sure any coax ports that have no cables connected to it are appropriately terminated. This includes any wall ports or open TA ports.

    If none of that works, then you will need a zero gain amp in place of the 3 way splitter.
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