Is the S2DT "Dead"?

Discussion in 'TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion' started by jdmatl, Jul 24, 2007.

  1. jdmatl

    jdmatl Member

    Apr 26, 2003


    Why buy one of these units now? With the $299 S3-Lite being announced that supports dual cable cards, why would someone purchase a s2DT that will be obsolete in possibly 2yrs when cable Co's remove the analog channels 2-99?

    Your Dual Tuner becomes a Single Tuner with a cable box attached to it. If your purchase had been and S3-Lite, then the disappearance of the analog channels wouldn't effect you in any way.

    Aren't the S2DT's a "boat anchor"? Bet we see them going for $99.00 in another 2 months. (as i kick myself in the head for getting one 3 weeks ago)
  2. lessd

    lessd Well-Known Member

    Jan 23, 2005
    The S2DT still does MRV without restrictions for one thing.
  3. pdhenry

    pdhenry Ruthless

    Feb 27, 2005
    Where are you reading that the cable cos will be removing analog channels 2-99 in two years? It's possible but not a sure thing.
  4. jlb

    jlb Go Pats!

    Dec 13, 2001
    Burlington, VT
    The analog cutoff in 2009 is for analog OTA. The cable companies can still choose to offer an analog signal along the cable line. It boils down to if the cable companies think it would cost more to lose customers outright than it would cost to keep the analog signal going.

    I have just basic cable at $10 a month and no HDTV. To go HD we're talking ~$1,000 for a decent 32 or 37 inch LCD, then $299 or more for S3, S3-L, and then we're talking about an uptick of ~$50/month to get the higher level service. Yeah, there will be ComcasTiVo i nthe future, but then that will be an other uptick in monthly cost.

    The way I see it, paying $75 for a S2DT in the clear with no committment was a no lose situation. Even if Comcast in my area chooses to not offer the analog signal in Feb, 2009, I still get the joy NOW of having a dual tuner machine that works great for us.

    If I am "forced" to make a decision come 2009, so be it, but why pass up the opportunity to have ~18 months of time with a S2DT for only $75 out of pocket. It works for me.......

    BTW, the moderators of the forum, as well as the community tend to frown upon cross-posting, placing the same concern, comment, rant, whatever in more than one thread:
  5. ZeoTiVo

    ZeoTiVo I can't explain

    Jan 2, 2004


    well that is true but only if/when the cable goes all digital. In my area they can barely support cable cards on the infrastructure and I doubt we will see all digital here for quite some time. Folks in Chicago are seeing all digital though so they have to consider this.

    the S3 HD has been in the works for quite some time and unlike the DT, TiVo has made public statements on this new S3 HD going back to the begining of the year.

    Also MRV is a big use feature in my house
  6. jblake

    jblake New Member

    Jan 24, 2002
    Birmingham, AL
    The analog shutoff for OTA is going to be bad enough, but if you think that is bad, wait until cable tries to shut down analog. It will take much longer than 2 years for the cable companies to beef up their infrastructure to be able to rollout digital boxes to their entire subscriber base, especially right now with all the big changes coming (mandated cable card, SDV, MPEG-4, etc).
  7. HDTiVo

    HDTiVo Not so Senior Member

    Nov 27, 2002
    Well, who knows? After all they've been going for $99 for months already. Maybe they'll be $89 in two months?

    TiVo says it is not dropping the S2, and I agree it is too soon to drop analog product.
  8. classicsat

    classicsat Astute User

    Feb 18, 2004
    Ontario Canada.
    The S3 Lite will impact S2DT sales somewhat, and will see some Series 1/2 Standalones on cable or OTA upgraded.

    Now, it could be they will end up killing the Series 2 DT, making a Series 2-AV (encoder only), for satellite and IPTV systems, or a Series 2 digital, with an ATSC tuner built in, instead of a second analog tuner.

    The S2DT (The only Series 2 model right now) is fine for satellite, and IPTV.
    And MRV/TTG is fully enabled on it.
  9. GoHokies!

    GoHokies! O2->CO2 Converter

    Sep 21, 2005
    Because the THD is 3 times the price of the S2DT maybe? Plus it has working MRV/TTG NOW (as opposed to this fall).

    Other's have also covered how wrong you are about the analog cable thing.
  10. atmuscarella

    atmuscarella Well-Known Member

    Oct 11, 2005
    Rochester NY
    There is nothing wrong with the Series 2 DT, it works just fine and will continue to. It makes sense for anyone with a SD TV who has either satellite or cable (does not work with OTA). It will control 1 STB and if you have unscrambled analog cable available the second tuner will also work. Nothing has changed since the day it was released.

    Will it be discontinued? Sure everything is discontinued sooner or later. Series 1 Tivos have been discontinued for several years and still provide all the functionality they did when they were in production - it will be the same for Series 2 DT TiVos.

    On an individual bases any Tivo could become obsolete tomorrow. You could buy a brand new Series 3 HD use it with cable today have to move to someplace without cable and bad OTA reception tomorrow and guess what your brand new Series 3 HD becomes personally obsolete.

  11. ZeoTiVo

    ZeoTiVo I can't explain

    Jan 2, 2004
    there is just no other analog DVR out there as well. I see features still being implemented on the S2 for a few years to come. I just checked my DT DVRs and they are doing great ;)

    I doubt we will see any new S2 design however. The Only change worth doing a new box would be to get at Sat digital stream and that is doubtful to ever happen for a 3rd party box. so Sat will be SD quality on a TiVo and the DT does that just fine or else look for an older S2 single tuner.

    With the low price of the S3 HD if you want OTA then go with the new box, TiVo making a box for OTA that only dos SD just makes no sense
  12. jlb

    jlb Go Pats!

    Dec 13, 2001
    Burlington, VT
    I got mine for $75 on Ebay, and it is not tied into a TiVo committment, which allowed me to just "replace" the TSN on my account on TiVo/Manage My Account.

    I watched auctions for a good month to see what they were going for. I have seen them go for anywhere between $65ish and $125ish (which seems crazy considering what you could get a refurb for, though that would have a committment).

    And I will probably Ebay my STS2 and get whatever I can for it. If I can get about $30, then it brings my net on the DT down under $50.

    And if the HD dies, I can always get a replacement drive from the TiVo store, Weaknees, DVRUprgade, etc. Or I can find an image and build a large drive myself.

    So there are options available for making sure the S2DT does not "die" anytime soon. And now, I have options for when I can afford to go HD.
  13. Dan203

    Dan203 Super Moderator Staff Member TCF Club

    Apr 17, 2000
    If you're going to be an alarmist then you might as well say the S3 is a "boat anchor" as well. I mean the current CableCARD standard does not support bidirectional communication, and bidirectional communication is required for SDV and VOD, so in a few years a S3 will not work for all available channels either.

    Unfortunately cable technology is currently in a very volatile state of flux and all TiVo can do is stick with the technology currently available to keep their product competitive. If you buy any TiVo with the assumption that it's still going to work to it's full potential 3 years from now then you're in denial. All we can do is hope that TiVo continues to offer cheap boxes, and lifetime transfer options, so that upgrades to future technology are as painless as possible. :)

  14. yunlin12

    yunlin12 Tivonation Citizen

    Mar 14, 2003
    San Jose, CA
    As soon as Tivo can enable MRV/TTG on the new Tivo HD, it will have every feature I want to start considering replacing my trusty 300GB S2DT with it.
  15. alansh

    alansh Active Member

    Jan 3, 2003
    Phoenix, AZ
    My cable system (Qwest Choice) is IPTV and doesn't support CableCard, so I'm stuck with the Series2 for now.
  16. Ruth

    Ruth Well-Known Member

    Jul 31, 2001
    My DT's not dead. It's at home, happily recording my shows for me.

    I fully expect my car, cell phone, TV, and computer to die and/or become obsolete someday, but they are all meeting my needs just great now.

    I don't have a problem. :)
  17. craigo

    craigo Broncos Fan

    Apr 6, 2004
    Mesa, AZ
    Psst...They are already going for $99 after a rebate. I just picked one up yesterday to replace one of my S2 SA that just died a few days ago. The DT was actually advertised for $58 after the rebate at CC a few days ago.

    For me, the DT will work just fine. It's going on a TV that we don't watch much. No need to pay extra money for the HD Lite plus extra for cable cards, and HD package.
  18. craigo

    craigo Broncos Fan

    Apr 6, 2004
    Mesa, AZ
    Don't you have 30 days for a full refund?
  19. supasta

    supasta Active Member

    May 6, 2006
    I love my 2 S2DT boxes and would not trade them for any other option. For now I will use these like crazy and wait until there is a ComcastTiVo release in my area, then weigh my options.
  20. wolflord11

    wolflord11 Lord of Darkness

    Jan 16, 2007
    The Series 2 DT still works for us Sat users. Yes it only acts as a ST unit, but its the only option Tivo has for us.

    AND: the Series 2 still has MRV and TTG, something the Series 3 and THD still DO NOT have. So even those that have jumped to the Series 3 still have their Series 2 units for those purposes.

    If the Series 2 DT does die, the Tivo may as well kiss all its Sat users goodbye to. I do not think tivo are ready to eliminate half their Customer Base who use Sat not Cable. If they do, it would be a mistake on Tivo's part.

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