Is the Edge ready for actual use yet?

Discussion in 'TiVo Edge' started by Just a J0e, Jul 31, 2020 at 1:01 PM.

  1. Just a J0e

    Just a J0e Member

    Dec 6, 2002
    I was ready to buy a Cable Edge just now and stopped to check the forum first.
    Now I am scared to death of them.
    Am I seeing just an unfortunate, small percent who are having trouble with these or is the Edge just not ready for reliable service yet?

    I wanted 4K capability and had been considering a Bolt but I was warned that hardware was not at all reliable. I have been spoiled by my Premier S4 that has worked flawlessly (if a little slow on loading apps) for years!
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  2. KDPearson

    KDPearson New Member

    Dec 14, 2019
    I can't speak to the small v large percentage, but my experience with the Tivo Edge since November has been good. It works, communicates fine with my many MoCA minis. The main negative experiences have been getting the networking and cable card technology worked out initially, but that has been taken care of and the system works. The only Edge specific complaint I have is that it occasionally reboots, which is a common complaint on this board. Does it happen often to me? No, but often enough to be noticeable. Mainly if I hit too many remote control button commands quickly. Anyway, it happens maybe once or twice a week. Not usually while watching a show/movie more typically when switching channels or shows. I would classify it as a very minor annoyance.

    Would I recommend Edge to a friend. Yes, if the friend was reasonably good with technology. As I said, initial networking and cable card issues are problematic. But information from this board and my own technology knowledge solved all the problems. Setup difficulty on scale of 1-10 is about a 4 (assuming cable card and MoCA). Someone non-technical will struggle. But anyone capable of trouble shooting some simple networking can get it done without too much trouble. If you are not dealing with networking then difficulty rating drops to a 2 and mostly depends upon skill of Cable installer in setting up cable card initially. I needed 2 installers/technicians to show up before I had cable card working well. If no networking or cable card neeeded then I suspect Edge would be plug and play.

    I hope this helps.
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  3. ajwees41

    ajwees41 Well-Known Member

    May 7, 2006
    it was not ready at launch if your cable company uses switched digital video
  4. philco782

    philco782 Active Member

    Sep 27, 2014
    I love mine. Many of the initial quirks have been worked out with updates. Still more to go. But it looks like Tivo is certainly working on these issues, as there has been a new update basically every month so far:
    3/10/2020: 21.9.7.v3-usm-12-d6f
    4/31/2020: 21.9.7.v7-usm-12-d6f
    6/2/2020: 21.9.7.v8-usm-12-d6f
    7/24/2020: 21.9.7.v10-usm-12-d6f

    I love the processor's speed, made my old Premiere look like molasses :)

    Slide Pro remote doesn't work yet. Apparently not high priority, but the Lux remote is fantastic. I haven't really been missing the Slide Pro much actually. The Lux has motion activated backlight, the Slide Pro needed a button press.

    Not having been through a Roamio or Bolt, I dove right into the TE4 interface and I find it intuitive. Sure the diehard TE3 fans have a laundry list of things they call "deal breakers", but it's not a steep learning curve IMHO. I'm also single, too, and many blame the TE4 resistance on a spouse.

    In fact I like it so much, that although my HOA has chosen Hotwire fiber service to replace Comcast, and since I don't thing Hotwire is going to have cablecard compatible service, so I'm gonna pay out of pocket for a full Comcast bill without the HOA fee subsidy. Maybe I'm just crazy. Never seen a cable company DVR that I liked.

    I just noticed you'rte also making a huge leap from a Premiere, just as I did, so the features available on it that the Premiere didn't have the horsepower to do, the Quickmode feature is neat Works great for the news and weather on TV. Also a challenge when quizzing yourself while watching Jeopardy. There's a SPS code to change the speed too.

    Premiere didn't have the hardware to stream recordings to your smartphone, either on LAN or WAN. I don't even get good service with Verizon at my workplace, and no wifi, but streaming is great.

    I boosted my Premiere to 4 TB, and I saw somebody here just got a 14 TB working in the Edge.

    I don't have sporadic reboots like another poster noted. Maybe has happened 3 times in the past 6 months with it.

    One other thing is compatibility with PC software, such as kmttg and pytivo desktop. While I havent seen a way to move videos from my PC to the Tivo, I have no trouble downloading shows on the Tivo to the PC. In fact it's a whole ton faster. On the PRemiere, transferring a 1 hour show would take nearly 1 hour, with the Edge iis less than 10 minutes. Don't recall exactly. It basically is limited to the speed of the 100mbit ethernet.

    Being unable to upload videos from PC to Tivo is not very important, because I've got a FireTV stick and the Tivo Stream 4k "stick?" both of which have Kodi loaded on it, and they play videos right from a shared folder on my PC.
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  5. bobfrank

    bobfrank Active Member

    Mar 17, 2005
    Having absolutely no experience with the Edge I'll throw my 2 cents in anyway. People without problems rarely post about how well everything works. Everyone with trouble will post. True with every product.

    Coming from the Premiere you are going to be used to the TE3 UI. The Bold can be side graded to TE3, but the Edge cannot. You will be locked into TE4. This may not be a problem for you. It would be for me. There are a couple of TE3 features that I consider deal breakers. I wouldn't be able to upload videos to my Tivo using TE4. I don't use the guide much, but my wife does. The so called Live Guide is not available in TE4 only the grid guide.

    I run a Roameo and a Bolt. The Bolt hardware seems fine. The big hardware problem with the Bold is the 3TB hard drive had a short lifespan. As far as I know Tivo is no longer offering the 3TB drive anyway.

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