Is standby mode better on the Roamio?

Discussion in 'TiVo Roamio DVRs' started by mcf57, Dec 30, 2020.

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    I have 2 lifetime Roamios with Comcast cable cards. They are ONLY used to record local cable access channels about 2-3 times per month for a special project. I currently have the setting so it goes into standby mode after 2hrs of no use. My understanding is the hard drive still spins, but the rest of the unit is in a much lower consumption state. is this about true?

    It can also sometimes be 4-5 weeks between recordings so depending on when I need to record these local access channels, I sometimes also fully unplug the units as well. then fire them up about 2 days before a recording is needed so they can connect for the guide & subscription status. Not always & I know on/off is more wear on a hard drive, but I also figured since weeks between recordings, unplugging will definitely shut the hard drive down & make it last longer .

    When they are in standby, is the hard drive truly shut off and stops spinning (until a recording is needed) or does it constantly spin as long as its plugged in & no matter what mode the TiVO is in?
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    Standby only cuts the video feeding to the TV.
    The highest setting in the power saving will shut down the hard drive, but it will not record either, until its woken up from its deep slumber.

    There has been a bug where it cannot be revived from this slumber except by pulling the plug.

    More wear and tear on the hard drive is when its powered on and off rather than it be running 24/7hrs.
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    I recently measured the power consumption and it was 2 to 4 watts less in Standby. But if you only use the unit monthly, I would pull the plug until the day before the unit is needed. I power off my spare basic Roamio. It gets powered on every Saturday & Sunday, along with a Premiere. I never use power saving on anything, which includes 3 Roamio and 3 Mini units. All running Roamio units have external fans, as do two Mini.
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    Barring software bugs, Standby mode doesn't affect manual or OnePass scheduled recordings, just Suggestions recordings, if enabled.

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