Is pyTivo maleware?

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    There is a unique ID assigned to every show, so you wouldn’t need to use the show name.

    Also the vast majority of this code would need to be in pyTivo not the Desktop UI. Think of the relationship like a web page and a web server. PyTivo is the web server and the Desktop UI is the web page. The vast majority of "real" work is done on the server, not the page. If you attempted to do this kind of work on the page then as soon as the user closed the UI it would stop. The Desktop UI is just a fancy way to display information and send commands to pyTivo. PyTivo is where all the work is done.
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    May 8, 2006
    Hold what you have, I like the current format.
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    But Desktop does it so well. :)
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    I agree with you the proper way would be to put most of the logic into the PyTivo web server so the downloading would be persistent even when the Desktop UI was not running. But if the restriction was the Desktop UI had to be active then it would easy to change the UI to do it all. It can get a refresh of shows (that includes the unique ID for each show) and then just scan thta list and kick off the download as needed.

    I will give it some thought to adding it to the server but it would take a little more work and the UI would need changes to support the new functionality.

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