Is it possible to have one tivo account with two cable companies in two different cities?

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by chelman, Feb 26, 2020.

  1. chelman

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    Oct 26, 2004


    Is it possible to have tivos in one account with two cable companies in two different cities? My daughter lives in another city and state and I'd like to give her one of my Tivos with lifetime service. Since she has came back home couple of times, I don't think it's wise to transfer service to her and transfer it back again if she comes back. Your wisdom is appreciated.
  2. rpj22

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    Mar 26, 2016
    I've never tried it with both TiVos running cablecards, but I'm currently running cablecard in one city and OTA (with different Internet provider) in another city. That works fine.
  3. JoeKustra

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    Why transfer anything? That cable card belongs to your cable company. You rent it. Return it (or not). Give the box to your daughter and have her get a cable card and cable service from her provider. The account is a TiVo thing, and nothing else matters. That cable card is not going to work in another city/state.
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  4. reneg

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    I agree with @JoeKustra. Also, I can confirm that Tivos on the same account on different cable systems indeed works. I had a similar situation with child in another city with Tivo on same account as mine. Just remember to mess with them occasionally and record something odd for them via, and then claim ignorance as to how it got recorded.
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  5. DVR_Dave

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    Apr 19, 2017


    My parents have multiple CableCARD TiVos on my account. We live in different towns and have different TV providers.
  6. tommage1

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    Nov 5, 2008
    Why would you have to transfer service back if she comes back? If you are giving it to her why not have it on a Tivo account for her permanently no matter where she is? The only reason I could think of is if she comes back she would be living in your residence. In that case if you want all the Tivos including hers to have the same media access key (so they can all communicate with each other) then you might want them all on the same account.

    Yes you can have Tivos on the same account in different locations. They will work. But it is against TOS. Go to the screen where you look at your media access key. They stress that you should not give/use the media access key outside your HOUSEHOLD. And if they want to get picky they could terminate your service (including any lifetime subscriptions I assume) on your entire account. Would they actually do it, I don't know. They probably want to avoid multiple Tivos on same account but different locations from being able to transfer recordings to each other. One Tivo in one location could have ABC cable company with certain channels. Another Tivo could be in a different location with XYZ cable company but if on same account could actually transfer recordings between the two Tivos. Heck one person/location could be on cable, the other OTA, if on same account the person on OTA could kind of get cable free by transferring shows from the cable Tivo at one location to the OTA Tivo at another. Would involve some networking things, at different locations would be on different networks but could probably download to computer, transfer files to the other location, then upload to the Tivo at that location. Well on TE3 at least, TE4 can download to computer but can't upload from computer back to the TE4 Tivo.

    Again read what it says on the screen that shows your media access key. Then decide for yourself. Unless there is some huge advantage for you to have them all on the same account I would have separate for you and your daughter regardless of where she is living.
  7. HerronScott

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    Jan 1, 2002
    Staunton, VA
    Yes this works fine. My son is at college and his original HD and now Bolt is on my account. He's on FIOS and we're on Comcast.

  8. HerronScott

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    Jan 1, 2002
    Staunton, VA
    I don't think it's necessarily against the TOS depending on the situation. The following is the part that covers the use of the software and services and it states devices that you own or control. In my situation, I own my son's TiVo and he is still a dependent.

    TiVo grants you a personal, non-commercial, and non-exclusive license to (1) access and use our websites, (2) install and use our software applications on devices that you own or control, (3) use software that is embedded in (or downloaded to) TiVo hardware products, and (4) access and use our hosted services using authorized TiVo products.

  9. schatham

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    Mar 17, 2007
    You wouldn't. That's the same reason not to bother with any transfer in the first place, their is no reason to.
  10. schatham

    schatham Well-Known Member

    Mar 17, 2007
    "and control" he still controls the account and it is not against TOS.

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