Is it old news that SOUTHLAND has been renewed for a 4th season?

Discussion in 'Now Playing - TV Show Talk' started by gastrof, Apr 1, 2011.

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    Season 4 premieres January 17, 2012 on TNT. Three new cast members for this season:

    Lucy Liu will be playing John Cooper's new partner. Lou Diamond Phillips is being added as another patrol officer character, though it's not yet clear whose partner he will play, as it appears that Ben Sherman is finally off training and Sammy Bryant went back to Patrol. Dorian Missick will play yet another of Det. Lydia Adams' revolving-door of partners.

    It's not yet clear who if any of the characters from Season 3 will be dropped to make room for the above, other than of course Det. Nate Moretta and Det. Russ Clarke. I'm hoping Det. Josie Ochoa (Jenny Gago) stays; she's definitely rough around the edges, but as Season 3 progressed, I grew to like her a lot. Plus, I wonder if Adams is still "doing" Ochoa's patrol officer son :D
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    I'm excited for the new season. I've really enjoyed the series so far.

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