Is it my Tivo or my Sony TV?

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    Dear Sirs,

    I have a Sony KV36HS500 HDTV set that was repaired in my home awhile back. The power board failed and thankfully Sony replaced the part for free since the television was only 18 months old. I have a new problem and I was hoping that you guys might know something about it. I just installed a Hughes HR10-250 Directv HDTV receiver and when the setting is on 1080i I can see a hazy purple line that extends from top to bottom and rolls across the screen from right to left. Thinking that the receiver was faulty I contacted Directv technical support. The technician had me check and recheck the system grounding line that is between the dish and the receiver to be sure it was properly grounded and then to use a tester to check the electrical outlet to be sure it was properly grounded and both were fine. We checked several other things and once we exhausted all possibilities regarding the Directv hardware the technician told me to change the Hughes receiver setting from 1080i to 720p which I did to see if the line disappeared. The line was gone. The technician then said, "I bet you have a Sony television don't you". I was stunned. He described it as the "dreaded Sony glitch" and said that he has dealt with numerous customers who have Sony television sets and have the same problem. He told me that some models could be adjusted in the menu to correct the problem but most had to have the "B board" replaced. My model could not be adjusted to correct the problem. He provided me with a link to a technical support thread where I could speak with other customers who have Sony televisions and I was amazed at how many were having the same problem with the HDTV sets. The technician also said that everyone he has dealt with told him that Sony customer support said there were no known problems with the sets and said that they have not been informed of this happening by other customers even though I spoke with hundreds who have contacted Sony about this. I contacted Sony and was told the same thing. Do you have any idea what the problem could be and have you seen this in the past and can you confirm that it is in fact the tv and not the receiver?

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    not that it is fully solving your problem, but whats wrong with going 720p ? i can't see a difference on my tv between 1080i and 720p... i also thought that 720p is the higher resolution anyway... but maybe i'm wrong with that.
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