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    I had a problem with my Roamio OTA/Cable DVR, a few weeks ago, where I was unable to reboot it. I read somewhere that the wall wart power supply might be bad, so I hunted around and found a replacement that was for an external HDD, that I never used anymore.

    I rebooted it using the new power supply and viola.............a perfect reboot.

    Fast forward till earlier this week (a few WEEKS after replacement) and the Roamio stopped playing a recording that I was watching and set it self to live TV. The Tivo remote would not work ANYTHING on the DVR, although it functioned perfectly to operate the TV, so I know the remote was working fine.

    I rebooted and it worked fine, until today when the exact same thing happened.

    After some additional research, I read to replace the power supply with a unit of higher rated amps. SO instead of the 2 amp power supply, I replaced it with a 5 amp version, rebooted, and it is AGAIN working perfectly.

    Any further advice someone can offer? Does it seem like another wall wart failure, a failing HDD, or something else?

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    May 21, 2016
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    My Roamio Basic is 5.5 years old. I was getting a reboot when launching a recorded program. I tried a kickstart 54 which I have never tried before. Following the directions at weaknees I was never able to get to the selection screen. So, I did a kickstart 57 and it launched and completed. The Roamio has done well with out those reboots. It has been 3 weeks and yesterday it reboot twice while viewing live cable program?

    54 is suppose to check the hardrive and 57, uh I forgot.

    Anyway, my Roamio ran better after running those kickstarts, YMMV.
    Good luck!

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