Is anything next after Premier ?

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    +1. especially Vudu (Vudu box, BD players, many TVs). HDX titles in 1080/24 look very good. Better, in fact, than any HD content on cable and about what you see on OTA when not degraded by offering 5 feeds (PBS).

    Xbox looks excellent as well (but needs an Xbox) in 1080 and so does Amazon when you find a 1080 source (some are still 720). And, Amazon 1080/24 is available on the Premiere.

    I use a 100" screen with a 1080 projector and they are all acceptable, not Blu Ray, but certainly acceptable.

    I'd rate it something like this in my home (Proprietary Neighborhood CableCo- All Fiber Optic):

    Blu Ray Disc 9/10
    OTA 1080i 9/10
    Vudu HDX 8/10
    HD Cable 1080 7/10
    Amazon HD1080 7/10
    Xbox 1080 7/10
    Amazon HD720 6/10
    Netflix HD720 5/10
    DVD 5-6/10
    Amazon/NF SD 4/10
    SD Digital Cable 3/10
    Analog Cable 2/10
    YouTube 360 1/10

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