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  1. shredhead

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    Oct 14, 2003


    I just got a new TV and there wasn't any space to put my HDVR2 in line of sight from where you sit. [I have a built in TV shelf above the fireplace, flanked by some bookcases.] So aiming the remote at the DTivo unit is not always successful. I bought an IR emitter cable similar to this one pictured [​IMG]and plugged it into the IR control out located on the back of the unit. It does not seem to be doing anything. I did a reset and also tried this cable on a SIR-S4040R. Either the port is disabled or this is the wrong kind of cable.

    What am I doing wrong?

    Elsewhere on this forum and on the net, when IR blasters are mentioned they talk about using a remote to control multiple devices and/or items in another room. I consider this a pretty low tech scenario, so those boxes for $35 and up are not what I had in mind. I could move the Dtivo if that is the only answer, but that would mean fishing coax and a bunch of AV cables through a little hole in the drywall. It would be time consuming and frustrating, also I have no doubt the hole would have to be made larger.
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    That because it isn't input jack, its output jack, that isn't active.
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    Oct 30, 2002
    This is what you need.

    I hope that link works Radioshacks website can be hard to link to sometimes. They have a remote IR repeater there that works well for 20$. i have one and it works great as long as I keep the base that receives the initial ir from the remote close.

    This might help if the link doesn't work.

    Model: 15-2550
    Catalog #: 15-2550
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    The wireless IR extender linked above is not 100% accurate. Sometimes it will take 2 or 3 button presses to work. Also, other wireless devices in your home can interfer with it. The best option is a hardwired solution.

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    Dec 5, 2003
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  6. Mike Lang

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    I use the 12 output version of the Hot Link Pro and it's been flawless.
  7. shredhead

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    Oct 14, 2003
    I decided to move the unit. It was a pain but now I don't need to worry about IR blasters. That cable pictured above will be on eBay shortly...

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