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    Hi all!

    Been away from TiVo for a couple years and mainly on streaming services like YTTV or Vue, but thinking of coming back since cable companies are still holding my local baseball & college football stations hostage. I was thinking of getting the 1tb w/ 6 tuners - but had a few questions:

    1. For those of you who use iPads (I have an 11" iPad Pro), how's the in home picture quality? I recall when I used it a while back to picture quality wasn't great when compared to even streaming apps etc., though on a TV the same shows/sports looks great. Has that improved at all?

    2. I also recall some audio sync/lag issues on the iPad, is there any issues w/ that w/ current app versions or completely resolved now?

    3. I just downloaded the TiVo iOS app for kicks, and noticed there's black bars on left/right (assuming not updated to match different screen sizes in iOS yet), when you play a video does it go to full screen? If it does, then does that mean it's 'stretching' a horizontally shortened version of the video, resulting in a softer/blurrier picture quality?

    Thanks all!
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    The quality can be manually chosen. I'm not sure if it still auto-adjusts on the fly, which would obviously depend on your wifi setup.

    I don't notice any sync issues. However seeking/jumping in time is a bit laggy.

    Not sure about the bars. I see bars at the top and bottom. The bars are fine because this area is used by the description and bottom seek bar when active. Double tapping on the video will expand it to fill the screen, but it 'zooms' the image, not stretching it, so the sides would be slightly cut off

    The most annoying thing about the app is it constantly asks me to log in even if i set the Remember option
  3. consumedsoul

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    Jan 13, 2013
    Awesome, thanks for the feedback!

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