Intermittent Pixelation with Comcast

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    I’ve been having pixelation and freezing at random times, just enough to annoy me. I have four Tivos, Premiere, Elite, Roamio Plus, and Bolt. The same pixelation occurs on each box at the same time. My TiVo diagnostics show no corrected or uncorrected errors. Any thoughts as to what this means and what I should say to Comcast? Does it mean the errors may be in the feed itself and not in my connection quality? Thanks
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    I would call Comcast, explain the issue, and ask them to replace to connector on your poll drop. I need to do that every two years. My modem also drops off-line and gets a zillion errors when the connection gets bad. One tech told me the outside connectors usually only last a year. BTW, a basic Roamio and Bolt do not display corrected errors. But the Series 4 will.
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    Have you checked the signal strength in the Diagnostics menu? Your signal strength could be low or high. According to TiVo the sweet spot is 35 dB. I look for signal strength between 90 and 99%. When you see the signal strength is 100% it might mean 100, 105, 110, 120...whatever.

    I've personally had to add attenuation to reduce the signal strength. I was seeing random pixelation.

    I'd also recommend you disconnect and re-connect each and every connection. Start at the street...and work towards your TiVo. Sounds like voodoo, but honestly, it can help.

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