Interesting problem with 6.3 I think

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  1. trehutch

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    What does everyone think of this problem. I currently have two hd Tivo's one in my family room and one in my bedrrom. Last night at about 7:55pm PST 11/6/2006 both of the units rebooted at the same time with no warning. I have seen this once before and I am chalking it up to a direction given from directv, or????. I have done the clear and delete about a month ago on the family room unit before the 6.3 update came down and it stopped it's random reboots that was occurring. The weird thing about this latest reboot is that it happens on two different machines at the same time. I have seen this one time before about two weeks ago. Anybody got any ideas? The unit in my bedroom is not very old at all I got it in July but did not activate it until late october. Let me know what you think?
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  2. Jim Sanchez

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    I think it is a power glitch rather than "orders from headquarters"
  3. litzdog911

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    Much more likely it was an AC power glitch. Are either/both of your DVRs powered using an uninterruptable power supply (UPS)? They should be.
  4. rod456

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    Oct 23, 2006
    Called "Utility Power Interruption".............
  5. Church AV Guy

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    Is there any chance that both of them had tuners on the same channel? I have seen this happen when the signal breaks up in a certain way that causes the TIVO to get so confused that it reboots itself. This is not a breakup due to a weak signal, but a strong but corrupt signal. In my case, it was definitely due to the signal on the channel. If channel xxxx had a bad signal and both of your TIVOs were tuned to that channel, they would both reboot. It could also be a power glitch as has been suggested above.

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