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    Hey Guys, I'm about to replace an HD RPTV that went down a few months ago. I want to rewire my home properly as the last few times an installer was out here they wrapped cables all around my house. I have a single story home and I plan to go from the dish into the attic and than to my walk in closet where I want to set up the multiswitch and than feed the respective rooms of the house from there. I was all set to pick up a Terk BMS-58 5 X 8 switch when I started reading about these new dishes that will be replacing our Triple LNB's. I want to set this up right now so I don't have to redo it again later. Will I need more than the 4 RG6 cable's to enter the house to the switch? I figure I can lay the cable and drill the appropriate holes now so that I wont have to modify it later when the new dishes come in. Thanks for any light you can shed on the subject! I'm probably about 2 weeks from picking up this HD set, do you think I should pick up a HR10-250 or wait for the new mpeg 4 units. Not sure when this mpeg 4 stuff is gonna hit the Las Vegas area though. Thanks again!

    Also, there will be 3 rooms in the house that will have dvr's, the 2 i currently have and the HD version I want to get with the upcoming TV.
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    To plan for the future, four lines from the dish is just fine. The new dish still only has four outputs. But, think about running another line for OTA, until locals are available. Then, I'd run at least three lines to any location that may have a TV.

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