Install 2nd router behind first?

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by tmj, Jun 6, 2008.

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    I know the Tivo wireless security is limited to WEP -- and I want my wireless network to have stronger encryption -- is it possible to have one wireless router with strong encryption connected to my cable modem and serving my wireless laptops -- with a second wireless router behind it serving my Tivo's with WEP security?

    What would I need to do?
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    Jan 12, 2006
  3. WayneCarter

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    AND the TiVo branded wireless adapter gives much better performance than non-TiVo adapters (the TiVo units have proprietary hardware on-board that offloads some transfer processing from the TiVo itself, substantially improving thruput).
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    If you want to setup a second router behind your primary route, you would just need to connect the WAN port to your local network (LAN). The 2nd router's WAN IP address would be in the same range as your local network and then your Tivo's (connected wirelessly to the 2nd router) would have a different range of IPs provided by the 2nd router. The Tivos would be able to access the Internet just fine through both routers (mine are setup in a similar fashion right now). One downside to this setup is that you will no longer have your computer and Tivos on the same network. If you use Tivo Desktop for TivoToGo or music/photo sharing, then this would be a drawback. If you don't care about your Tivos being able to access your computer, then this would work just fine.

    I currently have my wireless router connected behind my primary router (with access lists in place to prevent traffic from the wired LAN to the wireles network) so that my wireless network is secure from my wired network (and my servers). I have my Tivos hardwired into that router. They can all see each other, but not my desktop computer when it's running Tivo Desktop. Since I don't use the TivoDesktop features so this setup works for me.

    Hope this helps.
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    Setting up a secure router behind an insecure one protects only your inside network from outside attacks, not your internet connection from mis-use. Plus you will not be able to access your TiVos from your inside network.
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    Get a TiVo wireless adapter for each of your TiVos. A little more costly, but worth it.
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    I can't speak for the Tivo side of things, but what you're asking to do is essentially create a Wireless Access Point. You don't really want to set up a 2nd actual router. A WAP will just grab the signal from the router and allow you to run however ethernet port cables it supports from it. Oddly enough, dedicated WAPs are more expensive than routers. Some routers can be configured to behave as WAPs, but it can be a PITA.

    Here's a list of WAPs from Tiger Direct:

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