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Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by whitey55, Sep 12, 2011.

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    Hello. I just hooked up my new Premiere TiVo box and got thru the guided setup. Was a message to the affect of that I will have very little guide information for several hours until all info downloaded.. When I try to press the Live TV button or guide button I get the message "Please wait....Acquiring Channel Information". When I go into Settings>Network&Phone>Connection in progress;get shows the Loading info percentage. It is loading extremely slowly, which is fine, I am patient. My question is if this is the reason I can't watch Live TV and if so how long will it take to complete, or is there some other reason. Your help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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    You should be able to watch live TV while the Tivo is processing data.
    You may not be able to get to a channel through the guide, but you should be able to key in a channel directly and go to it.

    I'm probably not much help...never encountered this situation.
  3. whitey55

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    Aug 20, 2003
    Hmmmmm, I thought too that I'd be able to watch TV while downloading but I guess I'll just have to let it run its course (unless of course someone tells me this is an error).
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    "Acquiring Channel Information" is not the same as processing guide data. That is when the Tivo is getting the information from the CableCARD on what channels map to what frequencies. You cannot watch any channels during the ACI process unless you pull the CableCARD out of the box (and then the only channels you'll be able to see are OTA or analog).

    If the CableCARD is paired properly, you should only see the acquiring data once and only for a few minutes. If you are getting this all the time, check with the cable company to see if they have the proper data (e.g. host and data values).

    If you aren't set up properly, it should time out after a while and give you an error screen saying much the same thing.

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