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    I get my TV from Comcast in Portland, Oregon (97219). I’ve had several (4-5) calls to TiVo tech support. (This isn't something that the channel/program error form lends itself to describing usefully.) They profess to understand the issue, eventually, but say they just list what they get from Tribune Media, which doesn't respond to emails.

    All year long, the TiVo onscreen programming for my area has been listing incorrect program information for Channel 788. MOST of the time, 788 correctly shows Mojo HD programming but 788 is a shared channel and is also used to show Seattle Mariners’ baseball games in HiDef. See attached screen capture. Comcast correctly lists these games, but the Tivo on-screen programming information does not.

    A couple of days ago, the Tivo guide listed the classic Henry Fonda & Charles Laughton movie, Advise and Consent. In fact, the channel was showing the Mariners game, live. I like baseball and am a Mariners fan but I really didn’t want to record it, I wanted to record the movie. This happens almost every day between April and the beginning of October.

    There are other examples but this is the most egregious one.

    Incidentally, back in April when I first ran into the issue I called Comcast but they implied that I was nuts, THEIR schedule showed the baseball game on 788 and I've since found that it does, every day. Then I realized I wasn’t looking at Comcast onscreen programming, I was looking at TiVo’s, and it is wrong.

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