Inconsistent CCI flags between Tivo HDXL & Premiere

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    So, I've been doing a lot of testing on ways to extend my TiVo content to other sets without paying for another cable outlet. One thing I am noticing is that there are inconsistencies with the copy restrictions. In the example movie and image attached, I show you an episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse recorded on Disney channel using Comcast. One of the Premiere, the other on the HD XL. The content on the Premiere is allowed to view and copy, however the same show from the same channel recorded at the same time is not. Has there been a change with the Premiere in how it interprets the flags from the cable company, or is the flag specific to the cable card? Just an interesting finding when setting up plex on a jailbroken apple TV2.

    btw - plex will simply not show you copy protected items. The MediaSmart server will tell you its restricted as show in the screenshot.

    Plex connecting to TiVo:

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    I assume you have cablecards in both TiVos? If the Premiere does not, then that could explain the lack of protection; you have recorded an analog show (no CCI byte). If they recorded the same digital channel and both have cable cards, then they should see the same encryption, as that is set at the head end, not the card.

    Also, the two TiVos should see each other's shows in the NPL. Copy restrictions are shown there. Did you see the protection?

    Did you try to transfer the show to see if it worked?

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    Im seeing the same thing here. Shows recorded on my Premiere are all 'copy freely' while the exact same shows at the same times recorded on my S3 are all 'copy no more' and protected.

    Both are cablecard and TA equipped.

    See pic.

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    Bizarre. If the OP is looking for distribution of the TiVo content to other TVs, you may want to think about BOCS. It has a very limited applicability, pretty limited quality and some issues. However, it has greatly enhanced the usability of a Kitchen TV in our house that previously had no TiVo functionality. I have added a BluRay player to the BOCS and will check the quality of that on other TVs this weekend.
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    Does BOCS work with copyright protected recordings?
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    2 guesses:

    First its not unheard off for TiVo to have bugs where it mistakes flags and allows stuff to transfer which should not. So premiere could have a bug on the different software version

    Second I believe the cci rules require a handshake within a certain timeframe or the card is to decide on its own that its not to bbe copied (a failsafe of sorts so if someone could jam the flags the card reverts to copy protect). So the s3 hardware could have a software or hardware bug/incompatibility with the cable plant that is slowing the handshake/confirmation and therefore reverting to copy protect.

    Just guesses never seen different boxes do different things myself (but I have two S3's)
  7. MichaelK

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    Also just noticed the OP is checking the flags by using a PC. I've seen issues/bugs with TiVo desktop where it also applies copy protection when unneeded. Curious if TiVo to TiVo transfers also balk? I know neither of the shots above are TiVo desktop but maybe thee other apps have the bugs or more likely tube TiVo s3 code has a problem with TiVo to PC flags.
  8. LI-SVT

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    BOCS is an RF modulated distribution system. It allows three video sources to be distributed via coax. It includes an RF remote system. I use one of these in my house. The quality is ok.

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