I'm rewatching 'The West Wing'

Discussion in 'Now Playing - TV Show Talk' started by RGM1138, Sep 5, 2011.

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    Free trial expended. (for SouthPark and Raised by Wolves too)

    It's pretty good. Even with all the voting PSAs inserted in the Act breaks. And they brought back most of the supporting cast too. I noticed one new thing that wasn't in the original Hartsfield's episode- and it was very clever.

    My favorite part was watching Martin Sheen and Richard Schiff together again. Those moments when they went "round and round" were my favs in TWW.
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    A friend recommended Homicide to me a number of years back - we bought the box set and enjoyed the entire series.
    I'm not usually one for Police shows, but what a great ensemble cast!
    Agreed with The Wire, Breaking Bad and the West Wing.
    We enjoyed Babylon 5 as well - tho the annual battle for funding kicked it hard in the 4th season and savaged the 5th season.

    Have not seen GoT or Lost ...

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    Homicide is another David Simon show (The Wire, et al). So it doesn't surprise me you have it on your list.

    I need to watch it. I wonder if it's become dated?
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    Ugh... I am rewatching the West Wing (on season 4 now) and just got a notice at the start of the episode from Netflix that it's going away on December 24th...

    I like this show enough to drive several rewatches, so I know I probably want to "own" it so that I am not at the mercy of any single streaming service... If anyone sees a deal on Vudu or Apple TV on the complete series, please let me know... :)
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    David Platt

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    We just finished up S4 tonight and are dreading entering the Sorkin-less years. Curious to see if S5 is as big of a mess as I remember it being.
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    It was certainly less memorable. My TWW Plex library doesn't go past Season 5.
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    Dago Red

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    My Wife and I are watching this for the first time ever. We are big fans of Sports Night and The Newsroom and thought we would give this a try.
    We are just finishing up season 3, and enjoying it so far. Even though it's leaving Netflix on 12/24, I believe it's moving to HBO Max on 12/25 so we can continue watching it there.
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    I'll chime in, my wife and I are watching for the first time and are absolutely LOVING it. We did watch Studio 60 On Sunset Strip & The Newsroom, but I've never been one to watch a show simply because of who's creatively involved, which is why we haven't seen Sports Night or until now, The West Wing.

    Someone had suggested somewhere (maybe YouTube) that a West Wing revival would be neat with Rob Lowe as the President, and that Lowe is now about the same age that Martin Sheen was when the West Wing premiered. I'm mildly interested in the idea but it would be botched I'm sure. I just looked up Sheen: he's 80 years old now!

    When it leaves Netflix, we have HBO Max, so we'll finish it there. We're about halfway through Season 2.
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    They could have an 80 year old Sheen building Houses for Humanity or something like that..
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    LoadStar LOAD"*",8,1

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    Watch Sports Night. If you like the other stuff Sorkin did, you will like Sports Night. (Caution: starts out featuring a "laugh track" forced on the show by the studio. It gradually disappears over the first season as Sorkin & Schlamme start to ignore the studio.)
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